Why cant the weather be in the high 60s ever morning and evening? I mean, I get up and feed the critters but by 9am its too hot for me to be outside. It doesn’t cool off until 7ish if at all.  Its too dark for me to be outside with vertigo by 730. And this is only a taste of what summer has in store for me. Its 82 already. sigh

I have contemplated moving farther north for my MS but I have Land here and Family. I cant say that for anywhere else. Having Land is a big deal and Family close by is so Important. Even though there is no house on the land, and I have a TON of work to get done still, its mine.


The Apple gate(yard) ducks we got from Meme have layed the 1st egg!! My daughter was soooo excited to find it (yes I left it alone for her to find) She has decided to try and hatch it. We shall see. She is manually turning it and keeping it in the brooder with the biddies on the hot side. Its not ideal but why not.


The peas on the tripod have started to sprout. I am excited. I only have to water once per week, just pour 1 bucketful right inside the bag. Woohoo!!

nothing special

Nothing special today. It was so hot I had to stay indoors most of the day. But I did get the living room cleaned up, my car unloaded from the camping trip we didn’t get to take and built a halfway pen for the ducklings on the ground. Now they can get to know everybody before I let them loose. Last time the larger white duck kept picking on them. They don’t have any feathers yet so they still have a while to go, but they have suddenly started growing and couldn’t stay in the raised coop. I got all my juvenile chickens outside and cleared up the brooder down to 4 biddies.So inside I only have 4 dominos, meat birds. They are the 4 piece chicken nugget.

I went to check the tripod for sprouts and somehow found a small decline in the ground with my finally healed right ankle. Down I went. Thankfully its not as bad as in January when I slipped on the ice, but it hurts. Recital is in 14 days……

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Woke up this more, lost another Biddy. I brought one back inside from the juvenile cage because it wasnt doing well. A jubilee orpington. It would have been a gorgeous and extremly fluffy bird. Sad.


Throughout the day I have been able to get more water in the tank to help the digester bomb to work. This afternoon I was able to dump the tank with no problems. Flushed it real good, added valve lube and switched to a different additive for normal use. I switched to Rhino because it has enzymes and the reviews are great. Unfortunaly it is expensive. But you know what? If this makes it so I NEVER have to do That again, worth it!!

And on another happy note, Here are some garden pics 🙂

You can really see the growth now!

Update on the toilet

I spent the better part of the day under my RV covered in shit. I had no problem cutting the valve. Getting the gate out was easy too. Too bad nothing happened after that. There is also a blockage……sigh. Called a friend with a snake and he snaked it, which led to the discovery that there was not enough water in there. Combined with that, heavy burping, water jets and an entire bottle of Dawn, I got enough drained that I could add water and a digester bomb. The toilet works, but the tank is still not draining. Tomorrow I will try some more. I have a feeling this is gonna take a couple days and i just took the best shower ever. Bedtime

Just cause its an RV doesn’t mean no plumbing problems

After picking my daughter up from school I went to drain my black water tank. Its Full, VERY full. More full than I like it to be. I pulled the handle, and nothing happened.  Closed and opened several times and nothing.  So, I tried burping it, tried the reverse pressure valve. Nothing. I dare not try to flush it from the inside as I mentioned how Full it is. The handle does seem a bit loose too. My thought is that the gate and handle have separated……..grrrrrrrrrreeeeaaaaatttt. What that means is, the sludge is in and wont come out without serious help.

I did some research and am trying the “Dawn” trick. We shall see. A whole bottle of dawn went down the camode. Now we wait. If I am VERY VERY VERY lucky than the soap will dissolve anything around the seal and let it open. If not, I have some very nasty work to do tomorrow. And what friend is honestly going to say “sure Ill help you cut your septic tank valve off while 44 gallons of sludge is just above it and help you replace the valve to get you a working toilet!” Thankfully there is a shop nearby that had exactly what I needed for tomorrows work.

THIS is what I get to do.

Everybody Pray or send Good Energy my way cause I am gonna need an Angel on my shoulder shielding my face from splashback.


Yesterday I went out to Elsinore Alabama with some friends. I needed feed and the best place is out there. Plus they were picking up a pair of Pilgrim Geese to help protect my chickens. Something keeps digging in both mine and my neighbors coops. He has lost 4 roosters. Meme, ( who has a hatchery out there, replaced the 3 Gold laced Black Marans I lost. They are not as popular as some of her other birds so the chicks are pretty big. They are from the same hatching as the 1st ones I got so I hope there are no genetic defects. She also gave me a Bantam Rooster. He had been in her nursery Brooder for 3 months and nobody wanted him. I like Bantams, and I like Roosters (more meat on them) but this little guy isn’t even a mouthful! And the moment I had him in my hands he turned to Jello. Dropped his head on my wrist and started crooning. Meme laughed, apparently I am the Rooster Whisperer cause they all do that for me. He is a Jubilee something bantam and he just wants to be held. That means he is also not going to defend himself in the yard from preditors and well as from other birds. And he claimed my daughter lol.

Time to build a small enclosure just for Bantams. I think I will build an A frame, but it depends on how I feel. I am pretty tired.




After visiting the Hatchery, I started feeling bad on the ride back to town. We had carpooled so I was a passenger. We were supposed to take the birds to my place then carpool back to my car so I could then drive home. I felt so bad by the time we got to my house I decided to leave my car and just start the “Feel Bad checklist.” The checklist is a series of steps I take to try as remedy for general bad days before taking meds that put me to sleep. I have discovered that there are a number of things that could be off a little to make me feel like I am dying, oddly its the same list I use for Migraines. First thing is go to the bathroom and get in to cooler comfy clothes. Sometimes I have to go and don’t know it. Next, drink a big cool glass of water and a bottle of gatorade if I have it. Next, eat something salty but small or a piece of bread. If that stays well after 15 minutes, then eat something with protein. Wait 20 minutes. I try to make sure I have my feet up but its a 50/50 shot of setting off my RLS so I tend to be up and down.

I did all these things and still felt off, although a little better. I fed the birds and put them to bed, then collapsed. I fell asleep almost instantly. Then I woke up at 1145pm. I hurt all over, had a fever, vertigo in full swing and RLS in all its glory. All I wanted to do was curl up in bed, but I couldnt stop moving. And my skin hurt. Run checklist again, then do self assessment. Take meds and wait…………..I finally got back to sleep around 2. I feel a bit better this morn but certainly not right. My daughter had it yesterday too. Now my roommate has it. Yay 24 hour bug………………………..sigh. No idea when I can go get my car now with him down.


Picked up my car, went to local Career Source to find out what is wrong with my unemployment account. I walked in the door, and there stood my neighbor HA!

Turns out it was marked as inactive. So everything I had done before does not count because I couldn’t log it properly. Not cool. But its fixed now and I already have 1 weeks work of logging in there.



Homestead upgrades

Today I met with a Gulf Power Lady to see about lighting and power poles on the far side of the land. There is luckily 1 pole already there so it will be $8 per month for the light. The street over there is so dark, there is only 1 mailbox on the whole street and there are only 3 addresses, 2 are mine. We talked about putting in a second light, which would require a pole. But if we include it as a new service, then it may save some money. For now, there is a lot of clear cutting of saplings needing done for the 1st light. Small updates 🙂

Disability Paperwork

Finished my disability paperwork, the Long forms, yesterday. It was horrible. You have to tell them all the things you have lost, the things you cant do anymore, all the things that are embarrassing, all your weaknesses and give details. There were 4 packets for me to do. I cried every time I worked on it. Thanks for driving home how much I lost.

To anyone who every has to do the paperwork, have someone with you when you do it, a box of tissues and take LOTS of breaks where you leave the room.

The new garden bed

Here is the unfinished garden bed. It is still only half full of dirt, but I am working on it. Also we made a tripod today for the English Peas, Snap Peas and zucchini. We wrapped it with growing string as it was easier than adding that pre-made netting. Bags of dirt at each spoke and seeds inside. Yay!


So many people have recommended CBD oil for my MS and all the things that go with it.

After much research, I finally ordered a bottle from Koi.

1st thought, well the taste is very mild. I got orange, and even the orange flavor is mild which means that there is nothing nasty to really cover up taste wise. I got the sublingual kind, the 500. I took 1 dropper full under the tongue and within 20 minutes I did feel noticeably relaxed.  It did make me very tired so I went to be early. I slept like a LOG! But I woke up earlier than I have been and I feel less drugged up and foggy. I have been having a VERY hard time waking up from my other meds. I was tired enough within an hour of taking it to turn the tv off and not have to have something playing in the background to shut my brain up and stop the anxiety.

This may be the wow part of trying something new and it may wear off. So I will not say if it works or not just yet. In a month I will post a verdict.



On the homestead side, depending on how I feel today, I hope to build my pole bean tripods and plant beans. I am gonna do the super cheater method where I tie bamboo steaks at the top and drop bags of topsoil on the ground at each spoke. Ill leave the plastic on, cut holes in the top where I plant them and leave it that way to grow.  No digging, minimal dirt, conserves water, no mulch required and no weeds! Work smart not hard hehe


I went out to release my free-range chickens and it appears something tried to get my ducks last night. I found small white tufty feathers near the chicken pen where the ducks like to sleep. My neighbor says he ran cats off early this morning from his chickens, thankfully with no fatalities. None of my birds show signs of being hurt, but the big white duck is not running around like he normally does. I will keep an eye on him and set some traps tonight.

Also, yesterday the other neighbors dogs DID get ahold of one of my birds, a speckled Sussex. The bird is fine but skittish now. The family behind us have a chocolate lab mix that they refuse to keep on a runner, inside or build a fence. The whole neighborhood complains about Mocha. Well, now they are shooting at the dog because he is now considered notorious for killing peoples chickens. One neighbor is getting traps from animal control and another is keeping a rifle near the door in case he comes in the yard. Me, I am building better barriers and making sure the ducks go in with the chickens at night. I also have a small live trap with cat food in it out there near where something has been digging along the fence.