We are Camped out at Moms house with the Cat. All my biddies and most of my Bantams and special breeds are camped out at a friends house. And my Prize Buff Orpington Rooster Randy is also there.

My RV is currently parked on the Swamp Side of the Property and there is no where to move it. Plus this should not be too bad. But the chances of flooding are higher, as it floods during minor rains already. Right now the storm is pounding Panama City. All we have seen so far is a little wind. But that will change this eve. I am hoping this is just a dry run for Hurricane season. Great chance to work out the kinks for when a big storm comes. Granted, when a big storm comes we will take the RV elsewhere too plus evac as many birds as possible. But for now, the big birds and water fowl can fend for themselves.

We finished one A frame coop in a hurry for the storm. It took well over a week because we are all Gimpy in some way.¬† Here are some pics from building it. I havn’t gotten any yet of it finished as we moved the birds in and Bugged Out. It is made from hardware clothe, reclaimed lumber, left over vinyl siding, an above ground pool frame, and some metal cubical frames.

Alternative Cooking

In the summer, the RV gets REALLY hot. Insulation is lacking to say the least. So I have to come up with ways to cool it down and keep things from heating up. Generally it means a lot of grilling and not using the oven, avoiding the stove when possible. That makes meatloaf an issue. So I have a Solar Oven that I use quit a bit. Its perfect for the summer almost through fall depending on the weather. I like to set it on top of a car. Its kind of like a crock pot in that you prep everything in the morning, put it all in a big pot and leave it til dinner time. The difference is, I can fold it down to the size of a yoga mat to store it, it doesnt take up counter space, and you have to turn it sometimes to follow the sun. It gets plenty hot too. I almost always forget to take pot holders out when its time to retrieve our dinner.

The other big difference is you have to pay attention to the weather. If you get a sudden storm that pops up, you will need to go rescue the meatloaf. I was not paying attention and now I am soaked. But Dinner is saved, just not fully cooked yet. Now I get to wait for the sun to come back. If it doesn’t, in to the oven it goes.

Here is the upgraded one, but Mine works just fine. I have been using it for 2 1/2 years now.

Chicken swap

I Went to my 1st chicken swap yesterday. I took all my Bantams, 3 Lavender Americauna from a friend and 4 Muskogee¬† Ducks, plus 5 Barred Rock Chicks. The chicks sold, and I ended up having to bring everybody else home. We only saw 2 customers so it was a bust. I didn’t want to sell my Bantams anyways but The chicken yard is too full at this point. I have 3 big roosters now, BUT the 2 hens are already laying so I will have eggs as soon as they settle. My original birds are still too young to lay sadly. Once I get some chicks out of the Lavenders, we will have a culling day. The ducks will be transitioned to the pond. That cant come soon enough, but cant happen until I get the Mower back up all the way. Major mowing needed to clear a path for them to the Pond. The only problem with the Mower currently is a belt needs replacing as it broke today and the battery will need replacing in the next couple months. I did get quit a bit done this morning before the belt broke.

I dropped one of the metal Kennels and it bounced off my thigh. It left a killer Bruise!! I have recital in a week, so I can’t have injuries or sunburn. I read that Cabbage leaves will draw a bruise out. They will also draw out swelling. Since my ankles keep swelling up so bad that my feet won’t fit in my pointe shoes, I am giving it a try for both.

Also, I can’t tell if the CBD oil is doing much. I have been having too much trouble with the heat. I have not been having as much swelling since I started using it, and I have been sleeping a bit better (except when the cat wakes me at 4am to feed her……)

I am also watching a show called, “Dude, You’re Screwed!” 10 years ago that would have been me! It’s a bunch of guys kidnapping each other and stranding each other in crazy places for a game. Navy Seal, Green Barret, Royal Navy SF and random Bush Masters. They get dropped with oddball items at a location, they get 100 hours to get out and find civilization. The game has them stashing all kinds of things on themselves all the time in case they get kidnapped. Too bad there are only 2 seasons.

I went outside to check on all the birds water and such, when I found one of my Americaunas was dead in the coop!! No marks, signs of anything! I think she had a heart attack!!!


So since my last post, the world has ended several times. I was out of Short Term Disability for depression and anxiety from my MS since August. I was getting treatment and meds etc. I got meds for my RLS, whcih BTW, is the reason I was not sleeping. I have gained a ton of weight due to meds and stress and MS, which means I have outgrown my clothes more that once. Depressing for sure. I also got FIRED, lost my insurance, was with my Dad in the ER 5 hours away for pnemonia and heart failure, got in a car accident that totaled my car, got a new car…………….. Im tired

On the Homestead side, I got the wood to start the Pole Barn and did a TON of clearing now that I have a chainsaw again. But now my ankles, whole body in fact, are swelling so bad that my shoes, socks and new larger clothes dont fit. I am now changing on a daily basis 10-15 pounds. YIKES!! So I am 1 size in the morning, and by evening I am so swollen that my clothes are cutting off circulation. Plus I got food poisoning twice. So THAT work has gone nowhere. The weather is also having some serious issues. Its been storming, flooding, bone dry, 30 degrees, 80 degrees….. cant make up its mind

On the plant side, I have tomatoes and several other plants that will be heading to the RV park garden soon. Plus some for here. I Plan to try to sod bust today and plant corn,beans and squash with my Wheel Hoe from HOSS. We shall see.

OH and I have chickens and ducks now! I got a nice commercial coop and started with Bantums. But since I have added several Large chickens for eggs and meat when they get older. I think I have 5 roosters, so I have already cleared space in the freezer. We did have some pitfalls. Originally my daughter got 2 ducklings for her Bday. 1 became Spraddle legged so it didnt survive. So we got 2 more and the 1st duck loved them. They got big enough to go outside pretty quick. But the other day a critter dug in and dragged them off, all 3. Yesterday we went and got 2 Cayuga ducklings. They will stay inside as long as possible. A friend is bringing some older ducks that are territorial to help protect them plus, another farmer brought us a free range rooster that is also protective. Fingers crossed!

I also got a butter churn, some garden tools and several more fruit trees. Now I have Plums, cherries, blueberries, blackberries, figs, peaches, apples, grapes, oranges, and lemons. Pretty good start to the orchard. I still want a grapefruit and a blood orange but they can wait. Everything is in pots for now until I get the area for the orchard cleared.

that was just quick updates!! Off to prep the corn field! Wish me luck!!

Here is what I am starting with. A Broadfork. Its the only way to bust the sod and vines and weeds that have been growing for decades. I started watching Pioneer Quest. I have a lot of respect now for what they went through. This is gonna take all day just to break the ground before I can pull out the wheel hoe.



forward, I hope

The Short Term disability people are still not giving me the answer I want. My mom had to talk to the CEO of a dept at the hospital to get the issue found. There was a printing fee for the records that Cigna was supposed to pay since they requested the records. Well they didn’t, so they didn’t get the paperwork, which caused my case to close. Today I talked to them and they have the paperwork, hopefully it is all there. My case worker sent it back for review. Now we wait. I have learned not to hope too much.

In the mean time, my stomach is very unhappy with me and I don’t want to have to be stuck inside all day. Since we don’t really have anything that needs doing here, I have decided to work on my new garden. There was a lot of illegal dumping done on my property so there are Piles of broken cement everywhere. So I am using the pieces to build a raised bed. Its tough moving them stone by stone and it will take a long time as I am not overdoing it. So far I have only the outline down, but that had made a nice dent in 1 of the piles. If I keep this up, I may use all of it up. Way to re-purpose!!!

I am also hoping to start working on a chicken run. Its a design I found on Mother Earth News. Its made with branches, old feed bags, twine and chicken wire. The gist is a survival hoop shelter that is reinforced.  Lay 2 long sticks about 3 feet apart and stake them down, bend branches between to make the hoop and do the same but larger for the coop. Cover the coop with overlapped feed bags and then lay wire over it. Pretty cool to be able to use survival skills I already have to build something for not survival situation.

Chicken Coop

Back to homestead building

Its cooled off and I REALLY need to get my depressed butt in gear. I need to get more work done in Pace to get closer to moving out there. Clearing brush and trees, tearing down the old mangled fence, removing debris from illegal dumping, and planting the living fence are on the list. Also on the other side of the property we are all working on rebuilding the house so our neighbors can move in. It is turning in to a hippy commune for sure as in the end there will be 4 families on 5 plots of land. We all want chickens, 2 of us are gardeners, 2 are handymen and carpenters, 1 does rabbits and most of us want goats. We have creamers (cheese, butter, buttermilk etc) several brewers, 3 seamstresses and all artists in some useful respect. 2 survivalists that are trained and geared up. Yeah we are weirdos but it will be fun. Hard work, but worth it. I need things that show progress and have an outcome that are stimulating physically lol