Happy Fathers Day!!

Yay Dads!!

Ok on to projects. My daughters jingle dress is coming along so fast that I am running out of stuff. My black Bias tape I think I left at moms house so that has to wait. BUT all the other colors are on and I just started sewing the 1st row of Jingles!! It looks WAY better than I expected it to!! I am so excited!! I originally got large copper jingles. Well she is small and they are big and loud. Loud, large and autistic don’t mix. However I also got  some cigar jingles which are 1 1/4″ long and brass. They make a nice sound but much milder. She likes them very much.Only problem is, with them being smaller it takes so many to cover the dress properly. I have almost finished off 1 bag of them. So I ordered 2 more bags and I hope they are enough. I also need more 1/8″ ribbon to attach them in all colors: Black, burgundy, red, orange and yellow. Once I get the jingle all on, then I can attach the backing and finish it off with Bias tape and ties. SO EXCITED!!! And the local tribe has invited us to dance practice! Here are some more pics.


Here is the under dress. She has knee high red moccasins to go under it. Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Here is the lay out of the over dress before bias tape and jingles

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More pics as I sew!

On the homestead side, I have beans growing everywhere, a few tomatoes, had a small harvest of russets (not good) and a decent 1 meal harvest of purple and red potatoes. My chickens have respiratory issues. I hope it is just the 2 weeks of strait rain and not CRT. Using ACV, DE and antibiotics in the water.


Rooster Whisperers

I am not sure if I posted about Randy the Buff Orpington Rooster. He is HUGE!! This guy jumped out of his cage and in to my arms at the Hatchery. So he went home with me. Now every evening when I put the chickens to bed, He waits on top of the coop for me to come over and pet him. He thinks he is my boyfriend. In fact most of the roosters like me more than most others. People are calling me the rooster whisperer.

Well My daughter isnt far behind. The 1st batch of chicks we got were Bantams and the smallest one, a grey colored (lavender) fell in love with her. He would sleep so soundly in her hand that she would shift, he would not wake, and continue to sleep on his back!!! I just went outside because I saw one of the new arrivals outside the fence. Once I got her back in, I saw him sprawled out on the ground in the shade trying to stay cool. He didnt flinch when I scooped him up. So I brought him inside and handed him off. This is what we have: A VERY  Spoiled Rooster!!

New Coop

Today we started cutting the A frame coop.


Its so humid that I had to take 2 breaks just to get the wood cut. And that was with Help!! The wood is all cut now, But its too hot to start construction until after 3 when it cools a bit. If I am lucky, we can get the A part and bottom section of chicken wire done. I will be thrilled if we get that far today, but I don’t hold much hope as it will storm again today. YAY Rain!! Too bad I still don’t have the corn planted. Maybe I can get that done today. Alas, there is still not enough dirt in there so I fear the corn will fall over in a stiff wind.

Recital is 2 days away! Dress rehearsal went well yesterday. I did flop a bit on stage so I am not happy with that, But maybe that means that the actual Show will be better. My daughter left her shoes in the car so I had to take her back out in the heat to get them, so it may have been that I was just hot. I have Ice wraps for the day of the show. And Dress Rehearsal tends to be be very fast paced and we did the finally first, which is rather aerobic. We got some good Photos made too.

She did pretty good I guess. She was like a dear in headlights when we did the finale’ 1st. Really knocked her off her game. She did her 1st dance pretty well, but her tap was ruff. She never looked up and forgot several parts. Getting her ready to go is always a challenge. I usually do her hair 1st and then give her a break. Next we use an airbrush for her foundation makeup. She says it feels nice and its quick. Dealing with liquid foundation and concealer and contouring etc is just not an option with her and he autism. It makes her very anxious so we spent the money on the luminous air system. I think any airbrush system would work, so heads up, get one if you have an Autistic performer.  I let her try to put on her eyeliner, got o a brush and paint pot style so she would have complete control of it. Makeup wipes fix everything! I tried to get a picture but she was not having it. So here is me all done up

Image may contain: Grey Lone, selfie and closeup


I have ever done research about MS and all kinds of less invasive remedies. Here is one I am trying after having found a lot of research on Aluminum Toxicity causing inflammation. Hope it is useful



Update: Doesnt taste bad at all. I was heavy handed with the honey, so it was abit of a sweet shock. Go easy on the honey. I used organic cows milk as that is what I had. I also had fresh Turmeric and Ginger in the fridge. All together took me about 30 minutes, and I have enough paste for several more cups later on. Now we wait and see if it helps.


Now we wait and see ho

Mom’s Job too

If you have ever met an autistic child, you know that there are things just a little different. Well hygiene is one that a lot of people on the outside don’t understand. These kids just don’t think about those things. In fact, most will shy away from “body parts” whether talking about it or touching “those” things.

My daughter has a few that keep getting her so it’s My job to take care of it. She doesn’t like to scrub in the shower or in the morning. It’s like, even with a washcloth, she is touching something horrible and scary. Her neck will turn black if I don’t catch her. I actually have to grab her and scrub her neck for her. I keep telling her to do it but after a while it is REALLY gross. Once I had to use nail polish remover to get it off before I truly understood that “touching” was a thing.  I shudder to think what yuck is under her clothes as she freaks when I try to talk to her about scrubbing “That.” She pitches a screaming fit when I try to do it for her. So I sneak peeks when she is in the shower to see if I see anything, then stay in the bathroom and badger her until I see her wash.

Drying her body coming out of the shower is Never going to happen. There is always a trail of water where she just walks strait out. She wraps the towel around her to cover herself then wraps her hair in the towel. Her pajamas are usually stuck to her and her neck is dripping. Sigh.

Then there is using deodorant, which she REALLY needs. She has had the same stick for well over a year. When I can get her to actually use it, I am honestly not sure if it touches her skin. If it does, well she certainly isn’t putting on enough.

As far as underclothes, well, I have come up with some interesting ways to discuss them. “Did you put on a fresh pair of..(head gesture) you know?” Which is ussually met with a drawling, “yyyyeeeeeessssss.” And then I ask to see them. I won’t even begin to discuss female monthly hygiene. Suffice to say that I am buying her new underwear every few months because they just vanish. I hope to the trash can but I havn’t found any surprises as of yet.

Teeth brushing is also an issue. I got her an electric toothbrush because it will clean better even if she does a half way job. But I think the buzzing bothers her. She has a manual toothbrush but her front teeth are often still scummy when she is done. Also the mint toothpaste, well she won’t even put it in her mouth. So now we have kids toothpaste that is fruit flavored. Unfortunately she has chosen and apple flavored one currently that does not have fluoride in it. It is for babies. I admit the mint toothpaste is awful so I got blue raspberry, which has fluoride. But because I chose it, she won’t use it. That is the teenager part, which makes things even MORE fun.

One you probably didn’t think about is Nails. Both fingernails and toenails. She inherited my Grandmothers nails and stole My lashes to be sure. I am jealous of how string her nails are. I am not exaggerating when I say I just cut off an inch off every finger for her and they are still an inch long. They are curling!!! And her toenails are cutting holes in her shoes. That is going to be a battle here shortly. They are so long that when I clip them, if the piece I cut off goes flying, I wear shoes until I find it. Its like stepping on thumbtacks! And that is so bad when she is a dancer. It is so bad that when I took her to the pointe shoe fitter because she couldn’t get her shoes on any more, the lady said not to bring her back until she cut her toenails. You can imagine the shoes fit fine again after I cut them for her. I think that is why she didn’t want to do pointe anymore. Sad mama.

As for clothes in general, I have given up on her putting her clothes away. They will never get folded and I am tired of buying her socks ever 2 weeks. When I pull her clothes out to put them away, I count her socks and roll them together for her. When I don’t find however many pairs or I only find 1, I have to go searching. They are usually rolled inside out UNDER the laundry basket or stuff somewhere inside a shoe or up in her loft. Ever couple of months I make her completely empty her loft so I can get her clothes back. If I didn’t watch so closely, she would wear the same pants all week and the same socks, if any at all. I have to take her PJs away from her when she is not home so I can wash them. She becomes attached to 1 set and won’t change out. If I ask her to, oh yes that teenager comes out again, so I just take them.

Mom’s job is everything. But when you have an autistic child, that work detail expands to include things you never thought about. Some of it annoys me now and then, and some of it is awkward. But its my job. I’m Mom and I love her so much

Restless Leg Meds!!

Yesterday my fave Neurologist prescribed me Requip for my restless leg.  Last night, I took it around 930, and was asleep by 1030. I slept though the night and woke up to my 1st alarm!! OMGoodness this is the 1st time in more than 6 months!! I feel rested, I dont feel strung out, It was WONDERFUL to finally sleep and at night too!!My blood sugar is off, but that is to be expected. I feel inspired to go do the hard work in the garden, which is emptying the composter and nourishing the closed off sections for the winter to cook for spring. Yay!

Did some minor stuff in the garden. Planned out next years crop, a small amount of weeding, watered the new broccoli, kale and Collard greens. Then I pulled the last of the tomato roots except the 1 that has 2 tomatoes on it. That section has 2 tomato plants and 1 eggplant. They are still producing so I cant close down that section for the season. But that is ok. I also planted “winter” corn. See, Florida doesn’t truly have a winter, we have a mild Fall by most accounts. The package says it is hardy in the cold Montana winters so I figure here will be just fine. Its the Painted Mountain corn, very colorful. Good for fresh eating, popping or making meal. We shall see how it goes.

End of the day

It was a great start. But like all things good, they must be destroyed apparently. Mom had surgery today, minor back procedure that takes about an hour. Got there with no problem, she got checked in pretty fast, they got her IV in and had her dressed for the occasion. Then we wait, and wait, and wait. Turns out there is a delay. We waited 2 hours before they finally came back to get her. Thankfully the procedure went VERY quickly, but now her back hurts very much and I worry about her.

So I got her home, and my daughter comes out to Bitch about school. This isn’t your basic venting session, and it wasn’t asking for help, no problem solving today. That or I am just being very touchy coming down from feeling so good this morning. May be that I am just bitchy. Either way there was bitching. Finally get home myself and in to pajamas. And I am out of chocolate. And I am still worried about my disabilty claim. They are saying they have not gotten certain paperwork and now I am becoming more and more scared they will deny it. When I had optic neuritis it was easy to diognose, send in test results, show treatment and return to work. Bing bang boom. Not depression. The paperwork will say “Patient says she is unhappy and doesn’t want to go to work. Patient says she is depressed.” That can’t be tested, cant be shown with a treatment that will immediately have me back at work. So I am very concerned I am not only going to be denied, but also fired. That will set off a chain of events that will be even worse, like loosing my RV, my health insurance, my car & Rv insurance, all of which amount to loss of MS treatment considering my MS med, Gilenya, is $19k per month………….. Worked myself right up in to panic attack. Thankfully I have Lorazapam. I am done with this day. It is time to shut off my brain. Good nite


Its time

It is time to sell my Irish dance dresses. I have 11 total, which I have collected over the years. My daughter has 4 solo and I have 3 solo. Plus we have our Team dresses and a Mother Daughter set that I made. I actually made 3 dresses, 2 for her and 1 for me. These are more simple and less ornate. If you have ever seen Irish Dance Dresses, you know they can be BLINGED OUT!!

The Mother Daughter set is a Turtleneck leotard with satin skirts, capes and hair pieces. I just accepted an offer on the set as well as another of the handmade ones, so that will help a lot with money.I am supposed that the simple ones that I made are the ones selling. I have spent the last 48 hours measuring, photographing and sorting accessories. I cant list them on the Trade site until I have some $$ to list them officially for sale as the site charges, but I put them up on my Adult Dancers FB page to let those ladies have 1st crack at them. Many of us have danced together in the past and have become friends. I miss them a lot. I miss Irish dance a lot. I have also cried a lot. I burst in to tears when I photographed my Custom solo. I designed it and had it made just for me. It was $1600 and then I spent a couple hundred more on Swarovski crystals, which I put on there myself. So the dress is worth about $2000. Looking back, it was a bit excessive, but to me, it was worth it.

Dancing with my daughter was pure joy. We didn’t care if we were competing or just given a chance somewhere. We didn’t care if we won or anything. It was just wonderful. We went to Disney and ate at Raglan Road, where there are dancers. They invited her to dance on stage too. She did Walls of Limerick to a lite jig with every bit of skill she had when she was practicing every day. I was floored! So floored I was too dumbfounded to record it! She looked amazing and didn’t need my help except to be side stage where she could see me if she got stuck. That is how we did it when she was competing, I would sit in front of the stage so she could see me. The judges all knew she was Autistic, they took care of her too. They always put her 1st or last, and if she was having a bad day, they would clear the stage, and sometimes the room, so she could compete. She usually placed too! I was a bit hurt that she didn’t want me dancing with her at Raglan, but I was so proud.

Everyone tells me to look back and cherish the memories and to be so happy to have had the opportunity. I certainly do! They also say, I may be able to do it again when we get the meds strait. But it really hurts too look back at what I used to be able to do and know that statistically, I will probably not be able to. I have gained weight, my dress is way to small now, my legs are not strong enough to hold me up in landing a leap. I feel that way about Ballet sometimes too, but not as much. There I just feel fat and ungraceful. I am sure this is the depression talking, but it is how I feel currently. mother daughter.png

Bad Day

Woke this morning feeling great, heading to the Magic Kingdom. About 15 minutes in to the park I was pouring sweat as fast as I could drink. My legs started pins and needles really bad and I had to sit down. We were not there but 3 hours and I had to leave as I was seeing spots. We are back at the RV now, I took a cold shower, ate and now have my feet up.  I have no idea if I will venture back to the park today, but all in all that this is the 1st real bad day I think its going well. We may do some stuff around the resort as they have all kinds of campfires, singalongs and a Sleepy Hollow thing. But it is also supposed to storm.

My daughter turned in to a 6 year old on me when she saw Mary Poppins at a Character Encounter. She was Big Eyed and all smiles. All the sudden she wanted to get autographs from Everyone lol. I finally got my fudge from the candy shop. They have such cute stuff there, so much sweet yummy. I would die of sugar shock if I got more than 1 piece, which I will have to cut into smaller pieces to survive. Think its nap time


Autism, Claustrophobia and MS at Disney

My daughter, who is on the Autism spectrum, did Irish Dance with me for 6 years. She was REALLY good and had just made Prizewinner (level 4 of 6) when I had to stop due to MS. She had no problem stopping as it required a lot of memory, coordination and getting up in front of people, which are all hard for her. Today we ate at Raglan Road Irish Pub at Disney Springs, which has an Irish dancing show that invites dancers to come up and perform. Well, I wanted to but couldnt as that is something that MS took from me. She however, Jumped up there and did Saint Patricks Day without any help and looked better than she was practicing for competition every day, which was about 2 years ago. She retained it in all ways and I am SO PROUD OF HER!!

I on the other hand, I was having vertigo issues, my legs were shaking from all the walking and I really felt what I had lost. I actually felt that loss several times today. We went to the Hollywood studios’ star wars studio today, where there is a film about the making of the epic. The crew that they interviewed kept saying how much they loved what they were doing, how meaningful and fulfilling their work is, how its going to go on and affect so many generations and continue the epic. Didnt  mention the pay, but I am sure there is a very nice paycheck involved. And I realized how unhappy I am with my job. But with a pre-existing condition and my difficulties, Nobody will ever hire me to do something I want to do. Hard not to cry today.

As for going places, today was hot but not as bad as yesterday. All of us were wiped and cranky. So when the crowds started, the claustrophobia kicked in, for all 3 of us.  So we took a lot of breaks in off the track spots to get from place to place. I kept getting winded, my legs didnt want to hold me up a few times, but I can feel my toes again.

Today was fun, but definitely a hard one. Day 3 always is.

On a side note, I have noticed I am doing laundry every day as we only have so many pairs of shorts, underclothes and socks. We tend to change at least once per day due to sweaty nasty stickiness. And also, the dishes and housework is still waiting at the RV when we get back regardless of vacation lol

Hurricane Nate

Although we didnt get landfall, we are getting the Eastern Wall. So I packed up the RV, boxed the cat and we are now all listening to the wind at Mom’s house watching a Hobbit Marathon. We lost power briefly but it came right back, and I realized I had not pulled out any flashlights etc. That was dumb, scared the daylights out of my daughter who was alone in her room. She just froze and started silently trembling. So I pulled out a lantern for her and got her set up with fresh batteries then raided my BOB. I got this really nifty 3 bladed lantern that is USB/solar (https://www.amazon.com/Bigfoot-Outdoor-Compact-Camping-Flashlight/dp/B06XCPYW1B/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1507437674&sr=8-10&keywords=solar+backpacking+lantern)  which is really nice. It serves perfectly, its bright, lightweight and holds a charge for a long time. I had charged it a couple months ago and it still is nice and bright. But while I am at it, I am charging it off my laptop currently 🙂

My roommate had to go to work in this mess. He works graveyards for wally world marketplace, and nobody is happy about the store being active. I have to call BS on them cause it is dangerous for anyone to be out. It is flooding, the winds are high, the rain is going sideways. Plus he didnt get any sleep because we had to evac. He is having a very ruff night for sure.

I worry about the garden though. There are a bunch of pea plants that are delicate and not quite climbing up the trellis yet, plus a HUGE cumber I found right before I left. The tomatoes are top-heavy and 1 of the cages is not in the ground very well. Sigh.

The cat is doing well. She yowled the whole way here, but now is settled in the bedroom. Mom’s yorkies are very interested in getting inside there, which would be bad. I have a headache with the constant change in pressure. All in all, we are all fine and will assess tomorrow. If all is well, we may start our journey to Orlando tomorrow instead of monday and stay at a state park for a night to break up the trek.

Night all