Happy Fathers Day!!

Yay Dads!!

Ok on to projects. My daughters jingle dress is coming along so fast that I am running out of stuff. My black Bias tape I think I left at moms house so that has to wait. BUT all the other colors are on and I just started sewing the 1st row of Jingles!! It looks WAY better than I expected it to!! I am so excited!! I originally got large copper jingles. Well she is small and they are big and loud. Loud, large and autistic don’t mix. However I also got  some cigar jingles which are 1 1/4″ long and brass. They make a nice sound but much milder. She likes them very much.Only problem is, with them being smaller it takes so many to cover the dress properly. I have almost finished off 1 bag of them. So I ordered 2 more bags and I hope they are enough. I also need more 1/8″ ribbon to attach them in all colors: Black, burgundy, red, orange and yellow. Once I get the jingle all on, then I can attach the backing and finish it off with Bias tape and ties. SO EXCITED!!! And the local tribe has invited us to dance practice! Here are some more pics.


Here is the under dress. She has knee high red moccasins to go under it. Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Here is the lay out of the over dress before bias tape and jingles

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More pics as I sew!

On the homestead side, I have beans growing everywhere, a few tomatoes, had a small harvest of russets (not good) and a decent 1 meal harvest of purple and red potatoes. My chickens have respiratory issues. I hope it is just the 2 weeks of strait rain and not CRT. Using ACV, DE and antibiotics in the water.