Down time

I have been down as of late, hence to no posts. Projects are back on thankfully.

Mom helped me get health insurance again, I am working with Unemployment in a Vocational Rehabilitation thing, I am taking my Disability case to court. We finished the small A frame coop for the Bantams chickens, 1 Silkie drowned because it was too stupid to get in the coop box and it has been storming every day. We are working on a 2nd A frame now, larger, for my breeders. I am hoping to breed Sussex as I like them and they are good egg producers. Only thing is, then they would not be free range which I don’t like. But they are flying out of the yard all the time now so it comes down to protecting them. We are trying to put wheels on it to make it in to a tractor so I can move it every week. We shall see.

I went out to feed my birds and one of my Sussex (favorite 4 birds btw) lay down on my foot, let me pick her up and just drooped in my hands. She is wheezing and I think she has that bad respiratory sickness. I don’t think she will make it but I separated her, gave her water with gatorade and apple cider vinegar, plus some chick feed. I hope she will eat.

I FINALLY planted the corn. I planted Painted Mountain and Country Gentleman. Its a little late in the season but we have a very long growing season here, technically I can fit in 2 full crops.

My roommate went to a clinical Herbalist for sleep and a few other things. She recommended he go Gluten and Dairy Free. I can do gluten free, I have done it before. But DAIRY??!! Oh man that has been hard. We have both lost weight. He has lost 10 lbs, I have lost 14. Granted I am happy about the weight coming off but he cant loose any. Maybe gluten free is better for me. But its such a Pain!!!