We are Camped out at Moms house with the Cat. All my biddies and most of my Bantams and special breeds are camped out at a friends house. And my Prize Buff Orpington Rooster Randy is also there.

My RV is currently parked on the Swamp Side of the Property and there is no where to move it. Plus this should not be too bad. But the chances of flooding are higher, as it floods during minor rains already. Right now the storm is pounding Panama City. All we have seen so far is a little wind. But that will change this eve. I am hoping this is just a dry run for Hurricane season. Great chance to work out the kinks for when a big storm comes. Granted, when a big storm comes we will take the RV elsewhere too plus evac as many birds as possible. But for now, the big birds and water fowl can fend for themselves.

We finished one A frame coop in a hurry for the storm. It took well over a week because we are all Gimpy in some way.  Here are some pics from building it. I havn’t gotten any yet of it finished as we moved the birds in and Bugged Out. It is made from hardware clothe, reclaimed lumber, left over vinyl siding, an above ground pool frame, and some metal cubical frames.