Rooster Whisperers

I am not sure if I posted about Randy the Buff Orpington Rooster. He is HUGE!! This guy jumped out of his cage and in to my arms at the Hatchery. So he went home with me. Now every evening when I put the chickens to bed, He waits on top of the coop for me to come over and pet him. He thinks he is my boyfriend. In fact most of the roosters like me more than most others. People are calling me the rooster whisperer.

Well My daughter isnt far behind. The 1st batch of chicks we got were Bantams and the smallest one, a grey colored (lavender) fell in love with her. He would sleep so soundly in her hand that she would shift, he would not wake, and continue to sleep on his back!!! I just went outside because I saw one of the new arrivals outside the fence. Once I got her back in, I saw him sprawled out on the ground in the shade trying to stay cool. He didnt flinch when I scooped him up. So I brought him inside and handed him off. This is what we have: A VERY  Spoiled Rooster!!