New Coop

Today we started cutting the A frame coop.

Its so humid that I had to take 2 breaks just to get the wood cut. And that was with Help!! The wood is all cut now, But its too hot to start construction until after 3 when it cools a bit. If I am lucky, we can get the A part and bottom section of chicken wire done. I will be thrilled if we get that far today, but I don’t hold much hope as it will storm again today. YAY Rain!! Too bad I still don’t have the corn planted. Maybe I can get that done today. Alas, there is still not enough dirt in there so I fear the corn will fall over in a stiff wind.

Recital is 2 days away! Dress rehearsal went well yesterday. I did flop a bit on stage so I am not happy with that, But maybe that means that the actual Show will be better. My daughter left her shoes in the car so I had to take her back out in the heat to get them, so it may have been that I was just hot. I have Ice wraps for the day of the show. And Dress Rehearsal tends to be be very fast paced and we did the finally first, which is rather aerobic. We got some good Photos made too.

She did pretty good I guess. She was like a dear in headlights when we did the finale’ 1st. Really knocked her off her game. She did her 1st dance pretty well, but her tap was ruff. She never looked up and forgot several parts. Getting her ready to go is always a challenge. I usually do her hair 1st and then give her a break. Next we use an airbrush for her foundation makeup. She says it feels nice and its quick. Dealing with liquid foundation and concealer and contouring etc is just not an option with her and he autism. It makes her very anxious so we spent the money on the luminous air system. I think any airbrush system would work, so heads up, get one if you have an Autistic performer.  I let her try to put on her eyeliner, got o a brush and paint pot style so she would have complete control of it. Makeup wipes fix everything! I tried to get a picture but she was not having it. So here is me all done up

Image may contain: Grey Lone, selfie and closeup

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