Pow wow Jingle Dress

I have some projects happening for Pow wow in November. I am working on a shawl for myself and a jingle dress for my daughter. She has decided on a mix between Birds, Thunder Birds and Fire birds. So pretty much Fire with Birds lol.

I finally got all the stuff for both including beads, bias tape, jingle cones and thread.  Today I cut out the under dress for hers.  Front, back and sleeves. I am exhausted now. I have never had something so simple exhaust me so much. I was so tired that I didn’t even Pin parts together, I just rolled it all up and set it aside. Sigh. I hope to start sewing on it soon, but I don’t see this project moving very quickly.

I have also discovered and evil craft. Diamond Painting. If you are ever idle, or its too hot, or too dark or whatever keeps you stuck inside, than this is for you. I got one for $2 of a ballerina. Couldn’t put the darn thing down. Its a picture like paint by #s, but no paint. It has a glue on the spots where you put the little diamontes. You use a stick with a wax spot on it to pick them up and place them. Its really easy and fun. Taking one to my BFF is in the hospital. She has been there a week and has finally run everyone off to have some down time from all the fuss. The day she went in, I dropped by with some books and random nifty stuff to keep her hands busy. And some banana nut bread to make her husband eat, cause lets face it, the spouse or parent forgets to eat. I havnt seen her since then so I am anxious to see her. She is a tough cookie. She was diagnosed with cancer right before she got so sick, and this is unrelated but just as bad.




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