Alternative Cooking

In the summer, the RV gets REALLY hot. Insulation is lacking to say the least. So I have to come up with ways to cool it down and keep things from heating up. Generally it means a lot of grilling and not using the oven, avoiding the stove when possible. That makes meatloaf an issue. So I have a Solar Oven that I use quit a bit. Its perfect for the summer almost through fall depending on the weather. I like to set it on top of a car. Its kind of like a crock pot in that you prep everything in the morning, put it all in a big pot and leave it til dinner time. The difference is, I can fold it down to the size of a yoga mat to store it, it doesnt take up counter space, and you have to turn it sometimes to follow the sun. It gets plenty hot too. I almost always forget to take pot holders out when its time to retrieve our dinner.

The other big difference is you have to pay attention to the weather. If you get a sudden storm that pops up, you will need to go rescue the meatloaf. I was not paying attention and now I am soaked. But Dinner is saved, just not fully cooked yet. Now I get to wait for the sun to come back. If it doesn’t, in to the oven it goes.

Here is the upgraded one, but Mine works just fine. I have been using it for 2 1/2 years now.

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