Chicken swap

I Went to my 1st chicken swap yesterday. I took all my Bantams, 3 Lavender Americauna from a friend and 4 MuskogeeĀ  Ducks, plus 5 Barred Rock Chicks. The chicks sold, and I ended up having to bring everybody else home. We only saw 2 customers so it was a bust. I didn’t want to sell my Bantams anyways but The chicken yard is too full at this point. I have 3 big roosters now, BUT the 2 hens are already laying so I will have eggs as soon as they settle. My original birds are still too young to lay sadly. Once I get some chicks out of the Lavenders, we will have a culling day. The ducks will be transitioned to the pond. That cant come soon enough, but cant happen until I get the Mower back up all the way. Major mowing needed to clear a path for them to the Pond. The only problem with the Mower currently is a belt needs replacing as it broke today and the battery will need replacing in the next couple months. I did get quit a bit done this morning before the belt broke.

I dropped one of the metal Kennels and it bounced off my thigh. It left a killer Bruise!! I have recital in a week, so I can’t have injuries or sunburn. I read that Cabbage leaves will draw a bruise out. They will also draw out swelling. Since my ankles keep swelling up so bad that my feet won’t fit in my pointe shoes, I am giving it a try for both.

Also, I can’t tell if the CBD oil is doing much. I have been having too much trouble with the heat. I have not been having as much swelling since I started using it, and I have been sleeping a bit better (except when the cat wakes me at 4am to feed her……)

I am also watching a show called, “Dude, You’re Screwed!” 10 years ago that would have been me! It’s a bunch of guys kidnapping each other and stranding each other in crazy places for a game. Navy Seal, Green Barret, Royal Navy SF and random Bush Masters. They get dropped with oddball items at a location, they get 100 hours to get out and find civilization. The game has them stashing all kinds of things on themselves all the time in case they get kidnapped. Too bad there are only 2 seasons.

I went outside to check on all the birds water and such, when I found one of my Americaunas was dead in the coop!! No marks, signs of anything! I think she had a heart attack!!!