Florida Heat

Something about Florida Heat just isn’t the same as heat in other areas. The Humidity makes it unbearable! Today the day started with 65 degrees, but by 10am it was 86 degrees. Thankfully I woke up early and got moving early. I managed to make Gluten free, dairy free pancakes that were tasty, did the last of the laundry (been working on it for over a week) and used the weed eater in the shady area for about 10 minutes before I had to retreat inside from the heat. If I am lucky, I will get back outside around 6pm with some cooler weather to do some more weed eating. The riding lawn mower has been down for 2 weeks. I started spitting oil everywhere and my buddy has not had time to come work on it. I really need to get out in the field as the weeds are mid thigh high.

What makes me so sad about the heat is that I have to cover all the windows to keep the heat out. Otherwise the AC never turns off. I fear the electricity bills this summer