Herbal Clinic

Yesterday we went to an Herbal Clinic. It wasn’t My appointment, but my Roommates so I went to make sure she knew all the things I do that he doesn’t know about like lavender and eucalyptus oil in the sheets and oil diffuser, Tumeric in almost all the food, slowly adding ginger to all kinds of things, substituting ingredients with better ones, cutting back the saturated fats and salts etc. She looked at his eyes and asked if he had had an injury in his leg, which he had. Of course I was blown away and asked her to show me how she saw that in his eyes. Apparently there is a whole science of the Iris of the eye that provides a map of the bodies functions! Iridology!

She also told him that he has a lot of inflammation in his throat so he is having a reaction to food, more than shellfish that we knew about. So now we are going gluten and dairy free for several weeks to try and heal up some of the other things going on.

She gave him a tincture of skullcap for sleep and a recipe for a Solomon seal and hibiscus oil for his feet. I can save quit a bit of $$ by making it myself. Years of unspecific study turns out has me at an advantage. I know how to do ratio tinctures and oil infusions as well as poltices and a few other things.

OK off to go grocery shopping for the new food plan. Sigh

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