Yesterday was a good day

I felt good, the swelling was WAY down, I had energy for the 1st time in a while. It was a good day. Then there was dance class. It was the last class before Tech week for Ballet recital, so it was intense. The 1st dance, which is classic ballet and slow, went very well. Then there is the 2nd dance: Toreadors…… OMG I have no idea if I will survive that one without either hurting myself or falling down. It is so fast with LOTS of jumping.  But I survived class with only 3 places cramping.

I did also realize how weak my legs have become. I have trouble with Pique turns, which have always been a great thing for me.  I have trouble staying up on my toes now between moves, let alone doing the moves on my toes. Getting on top of my Box, on Pointe, is impossible when my ankles are swollen.  I look bad. This is my last season on Pointe. Next season I will drop down to the Junior Pointe class with hope to rebuild some skills and also the adult basic ballet class. I know if I stop moving, I will get worse much faster and never start again. I love dancing and I will hang on as long as I can.

Today I am sore. I feel like I way over did it, but honestly I am really disappointed. I didn’t work all that hard, I couldn’t. I sure tried though. I just hope that I can get through recital and make it look OK.  I am worried.I can only do so much prep work, meaning I have ankle braces, a specific diet for the next week to reduce swelling, Ice packs for back stage so I stay cool. Summer is always so rough for me. I made sure I don’t have a drink for side stage because I choke all the time now. Don’t want to cough my way through the dance.