Why cant the weather be in the high 60s ever morning and evening? I mean, I get up and feed the critters but by 9am its too hot for me to be outside. It doesn’t cool off until 7ish if at all.  Its too dark for me to be outside with vertigo by 730. And this is only a taste of what summer has in store for me. Its 82 already. sigh

I have contemplated moving farther north for my MS but I have Land here and Family. I cant say that for anywhere else. Having Land is a big deal and Family close by is so Important. Even though there is no house on the land, and I have a TON of work to get done still, its mine.


The Apple gate(yard) ducks we got from Meme have layed the 1st egg!! My daughter was soooo excited to find it (yes I left it alone for her to find) She has decided to try and hatch it. We shall see. She is manually turning it and keeping it in the brooder with the biddies on the hot side. Its not ideal but why not.


The peas on the tripod have started to sprout. I am excited. I only have to water once per week, just pour 1 bucketful right inside the bag. Woohoo!!

2 thoughts on “Weather

  1. If it were in the high 60F degree range all the time, it would be crowded with apartments and traffic…and land prices would be $9 billion a square inch……with property taxes at $1 billion per square inch……


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