nothing special

Nothing special today. It was so hot I had to stay indoors most of the day. But I did get the living room cleaned up, my car unloaded from the camping trip we didn’t get to take and built a halfway pen for the ducklings on the ground. Now they can get to know everybody before I let them loose. Last time the larger white duck kept picking on them. They don’t have any feathers yet so they still have a while to go, but they have suddenly started growing and couldn’t stay in the raised coop. I got all my juvenile chickens outside and cleared up the brooder down to 4 biddies.So inside I only have 4 dominos, meat birds. They are the 4 piece chicken nugget.

I went to check the tripod for sprouts and somehow found a small decline in the ground with my finally healed right ankle. Down I went. Thankfully its not as bad as in January when I slipped on the ice, but it hurts. Recital is in 14 days……

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

Woke up this more, lost another Biddy. I brought one back inside from the juvenile cage because it wasnt doing well. A jubilee orpington. It would have been a gorgeous and extremly fluffy bird. Sad.

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