Just cause its an RV doesn’t mean no plumbing problems

After picking my daughter up from school I went to drain my black water tank. Its Full, VERY full. More full than I like it to be. I pulled the handle, and nothing happened.  Closed and opened several times and nothing.  So, I tried burping it, tried the reverse pressure valve. Nothing. I dare not try to flush it from the inside as I mentioned how Full it is. The handle does seem a bit loose too. My thought is that the gate and handle have separated……..grrrrrrrrrreeeeaaaaatttt. What that means is, the sludge is in and wont come out without serious help.

I did some research and am trying the “Dawn” trick. We shall see. A whole bottle of dawn went down the camode. Now we wait. If I am VERY VERY VERY lucky than the soap will dissolve anything around the seal and let it open. If not, I have some very nasty work to do tomorrow. And what friend is honestly going to say “sure Ill help you cut your septic tank valve off while 44 gallons of sludge is just above it and help you replace the valve to get you a working toilet!” Thankfully there is a shop nearby that had exactly what I needed for tomorrows work.

THIS is what I get to do.


Everybody Pray or send Good Energy my way cause I am gonna need an Angel on my shoulder shielding my face from splashback.