Yesterday I went out to Elsinore Alabama with some friends. I needed feed and the best place is out there. Plus they were picking up a pair of Pilgrim Geese to help protect my chickens. Something keeps digging in both mine and my neighbors coops. He has lost 4 roosters. Meme, ( who has a hatchery out there, replaced the 3 Gold laced Black Marans I lost. They are not as popular as some of her other birds so the chicks are pretty big. They are from the same hatching as the 1st ones I got so I hope there are no genetic defects. She also gave me a Bantam Rooster. He had been in her nursery Brooder for 3 months and nobody wanted him. I like Bantams, and I like Roosters (more meat on them) but this little guy isn’t even a mouthful! And the moment I had him in my hands he turned to Jello. Dropped his head on my wrist and started crooning. Meme laughed, apparently I am the Rooster Whisperer cause they all do that for me. He is a Jubilee something bantam and he just wants to be held. That means he is also not going to defend himself in the yard from preditors and well as from other birds. And he claimed my daughter lol.

Time to build a small enclosure just for Bantams. I think I will build an A frame, but it depends on how I feel. I am pretty tired.




After visiting the Hatchery, I started feeling bad on the ride back to town. We had carpooled so I was a passenger. We were supposed to take the birds to my place then carpool back to my car so I could then drive home. I felt so bad by the time we got to my house I decided to leave my car and just start the “Feel Bad checklist.” The checklist is a series of steps I take to try as remedy for general bad days before taking meds that put me to sleep. I have discovered that there are a number of things that could be off a little to make me feel like I am dying, oddly its the same list I use for Migraines. First thing is go to the bathroom and get in to cooler comfy clothes. Sometimes I have to go and don’t know it. Next, drink a big cool glass of water and a bottle of gatorade if I have it. Next, eat something salty but small or a piece of bread. If that stays well after 15 minutes, then eat something with protein. Wait 20 minutes. I try to make sure I have my feet up but its a 50/50 shot of setting off my RLS so I tend to be up and down.

I did all these things and still felt off, although a little better. I fed the birds and put them to bed, then collapsed. I fell asleep almost instantly. Then I woke up at 1145pm. I hurt all over, had a fever, vertigo in full swing and RLS in all its glory. All I wanted to do was curl up in bed, but I couldnt stop moving. And my skin hurt. Run checklist again, then do self assessment. Take meds and wait…………..I finally got back to sleep around 2. I feel a bit better this morn but certainly not right. My daughter had it yesterday too. Now my roommate has it. Yay 24 hour bug………………………..sigh. No idea when I can go get my car now with him down.


Picked up my car, went to local Career Source to find out what is wrong with my unemployment account. I walked in the door, and there stood my neighbor HA!

Turns out it was marked as inactive. So everything I had done before does not count because I couldn’t log it properly. Not cool. But its fixed now and I already have 1 weeks work of logging in there.



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