We are Camped out at Moms house with the Cat. All my biddies and most of my Bantams and special breeds are camped out at a friends house. And my Prize Buff Orpington Rooster Randy is also there.

My RV is currently parked on the Swamp Side of the Property and there is no where to move it. Plus this should not be too bad. But the chances of flooding are higher, as it floods during minor rains already. Right now the storm is pounding Panama City. All we have seen so far is a little wind. But that will change this eve. I am hoping this is just a dry run for Hurricane season. Great chance to work out the kinks for when a big storm comes. Granted, when a big storm comes we will take the RV elsewhere too plus evac as many birds as possible. But for now, the big birds and water fowl can fend for themselves.

We finished one A frame coop in a hurry for the storm. It took well over a week because we are all Gimpy in some way.  Here are some pics from building it. I havn’t gotten any yet of it finished as we moved the birds in and Bugged Out. It is made from hardware clothe, reclaimed lumber, left over vinyl siding, an above ground pool frame, and some metal cubical frames.

Rooster Whisperers

I am not sure if I posted about Randy the Buff Orpington Rooster. He is HUGE!! This guy jumped out of his cage and in to my arms at the Hatchery. So he went home with me. Now every evening when I put the chickens to bed, He waits on top of the coop for me to come over and pet him. He thinks he is my boyfriend. In fact most of the roosters like me more than most others. People are calling me the rooster whisperer.

Well My daughter isnt far behind. The 1st batch of chicks we got were Bantams and the smallest one, a grey colored (lavender) fell in love with her. He would sleep so soundly in her hand that she would shift, he would not wake, and continue to sleep on his back!!! I just went outside because I saw one of the new arrivals outside the fence. Once I got her back in, I saw him sprawled out on the ground in the shade trying to stay cool. He didnt flinch when I scooped him up. So I brought him inside and handed him off. This is what we have: A VERY  Spoiled Rooster!!

Day before

Today is the day before recital. It is dedicated to resting, staying cool, avoiding swelling and light stretching. I didn’t  used to have to work so hard and do nothing just to fit in my pointe shoes. It used to be that I would run my dances in the car while driving, do a lot of stretching and basic technical warm up specific to the moves I had in my dance. There was no worry about fitting in to my costume or shoes. MS sucks and the heat is not helping!

I did some wood work yesterday on the coop and my ankles were Canckles by bed time, no ankle bones at all. I couldn’t bend my feet, walking hurt. I rubbed Willow Balm up my legs and all over my feet and ankles before wrapping them in ace bandaged to help reduce the swelling. I feel like all my time is spent preparing for things by sitting and doing nothing. I can think of 1000 things I would like to do instead of sitting here watching TV.  I can crochet but its too hot to work on the blankets I have started. I would sew but I don’t feel like digging the sewing machine out from under the dinette. I wish I had one of those diamond painting kits. I like those. I could also do some beading but I have not been happy with my work as of late and I need crimping pliers to finish the work and protect it from falling apart. I only need to make 1 more cuff for my daughters jingle dress, but I still need to make the dress.

My roommate finally told me he hates the RV. He says its just too cramped. There is a backstory to that but it doesn’t matter.  I bet if I had a storage shed than it would be better. Or a workshop to work on my crafts so they were not everywhere. I asked him what he thought about getting a trailer instead. He of course said sure, but I cant imagine he will do anything to make that happen. He tends to say things and then do nothing. I would not mind something a little bigger with a craft room, more storage space, no tanks to dump and a good oven. I also would not mind a lower payment. But I do mind that there will be no bed, microwave, couch, shelves and other furniture that is already in the RV. If we get a used one, than there may not be a fridge or oven that works. It will be much harder to clean and on a bad day I will have trouble moving around because of all the space. Right now I can hold on to walls and stumble a short distance to the bathroom. Plus my daughter is very comfortable here, she likes how small it is. I also worry about having to abandon everything if a hurricane comes. I like the peace of mind that if I decide to go somewhere, I can pack up and take my home with me. Camping is going to be out of the question without the RV. I must have the AC. Gulf Wars is also out too. Feels like I finally got my own home and now we are talking about getting rid of it. I wonder if he is ever happy anywhere for long.

So now I wonder how long it would take to sell the RV and where we would live while it is up for sale. You cant sell an RV if you are living in it. What if I have to drop the price to sell it for less than I owe? Or worse, it doesn’t sell and it is repossessed? And how do I start the process? What if I never get disability? I think we need to go to a mobile home place and talk to one of their people to see if its a trade in possibility. I would take a major loss, but I guess that’s OK. I had hoped that my Mom would come of trips with me in the RV but when I got the cat, that was no longer an option as she is allergic. Did’nt think that one through so well.

The other option is to go north and follow cooler weather. That would help me a lot health wise. Kevin put in for Assistant Manager and there is an opening in Tennessee, Texas, South Florida and Washington State. Texas and S Florida would not help with the heat, and Washington is WAAAAYYYYY too far north. I have a cousin in TN though and the land is pretty. Snow is a scary thought. But cooler weather could mean I can be outside and doing things more.

New Coop

Today we started cutting the A frame coop.

Its so humid that I had to take 2 breaks just to get the wood cut. And that was with Help!! The wood is all cut now, But its too hot to start construction until after 3 when it cools a bit. If I am lucky, we can get the A part and bottom section of chicken wire done. I will be thrilled if we get that far today, but I don’t hold much hope as it will storm again today. YAY Rain!! Too bad I still don’t have the corn planted. Maybe I can get that done today. Alas, there is still not enough dirt in there so I fear the corn will fall over in a stiff wind.

Recital is 2 days away! Dress rehearsal went well yesterday. I did flop a bit on stage so I am not happy with that, But maybe that means that the actual Show will be better. My daughter left her shoes in the car so I had to take her back out in the heat to get them, so it may have been that I was just hot. I have Ice wraps for the day of the show. And Dress Rehearsal tends to be be very fast paced and we did the finally first, which is rather aerobic. We got some good Photos made too.

She did pretty good I guess. She was like a dear in headlights when we did the finale’ 1st. Really knocked her off her game. She did her 1st dance pretty well, but her tap was ruff. She never looked up and forgot several parts. Getting her ready to go is always a challenge. I usually do her hair 1st and then give her a break. Next we use an airbrush for her foundation makeup. She says it feels nice and its quick. Dealing with liquid foundation and concealer and contouring etc is just not an option with her and he autism. It makes her very anxious so we spent the money on the luminous air system. I think any airbrush system would work, so heads up, get one if you have an Autistic performer.  I let her try to put on her eyeliner, got o a brush and paint pot style so she would have complete control of it. Makeup wipes fix everything! I tried to get a picture but she was not having it. So here is me all done up

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Pow wow Jingle Dress

I have some projects happening for Pow wow in November. I am working on a shawl for myself and a jingle dress for my daughter. She has decided on a mix between Birds, Thunder Birds and Fire birds. So pretty much Fire with Birds lol.

I finally got all the stuff for both including beads, bias tape, jingle cones and thread.  Today I cut out the under dress for hers.  Front, back and sleeves. I am exhausted now. I have never had something so simple exhaust me so much. I was so tired that I didn’t even Pin parts together, I just rolled it all up and set it aside. Sigh. I hope to start sewing on it soon, but I don’t see this project moving very quickly.

I have also discovered and evil craft. Diamond Painting. If you are ever idle, or its too hot, or too dark or whatever keeps you stuck inside, than this is for you. I got one for $2 of a ballerina. Couldn’t put the darn thing down. Its a picture like paint by #s, but no paint. It has a glue on the spots where you put the little diamontes. You use a stick with a wax spot on it to pick them up and place them. Its really easy and fun. Taking one to my BFF is in the hospital. She has been there a week and has finally run everyone off to have some down time from all the fuss. The day she went in, I dropped by with some books and random nifty stuff to keep her hands busy. And some banana nut bread to make her husband eat, cause lets face it, the spouse or parent forgets to eat. I havnt seen her since then so I am anxious to see her. She is a tough cookie. She was diagnosed with cancer right before she got so sick, and this is unrelated but just as bad.




Alternative Cooking

In the summer, the RV gets REALLY hot. Insulation is lacking to say the least. So I have to come up with ways to cool it down and keep things from heating up. Generally it means a lot of grilling and not using the oven, avoiding the stove when possible. That makes meatloaf an issue. So I have a Solar Oven that I use quit a bit. Its perfect for the summer almost through fall depending on the weather. I like to set it on top of a car. Its kind of like a crock pot in that you prep everything in the morning, put it all in a big pot and leave it til dinner time. The difference is, I can fold it down to the size of a yoga mat to store it, it doesnt take up counter space, and you have to turn it sometimes to follow the sun. It gets plenty hot too. I almost always forget to take pot holders out when its time to retrieve our dinner.

The other big difference is you have to pay attention to the weather. If you get a sudden storm that pops up, you will need to go rescue the meatloaf. I was not paying attention and now I am soaked. But Dinner is saved, just not fully cooked yet. Now I get to wait for the sun to come back. If it doesn’t, in to the oven it goes.

Here is the upgraded one, but Mine works just fine. I have been using it for 2 1/2 years now.

Morning Visitor

This morning I looked out the window towards the chicken yard and saw 4 ducks sitting on the fence to the coop. Grabbed my boots and headed out with some food to coax them back in. But they were Very tall and skinny. They had BRIGHT PINK bills and feet, and black bellies. Not my birds at all. So I tossed food their direction, they were not impressed. Then they started calling and it was the cutest sound I have ever heard a bird make. It sounded like a squeekie toy!! The flew off then, and made a full circle of the yard before heading to the swamp. That was cool. On the internet I went and found out who had come to visit me. Black Bellied Whistling Ducks!!

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Chicken swap

I Went to my 1st chicken swap yesterday. I took all my Bantams, 3 Lavender Americauna from a friend and 4 Muskogee  Ducks, plus 5 Barred Rock Chicks. The chicks sold, and I ended up having to bring everybody else home. We only saw 2 customers so it was a bust. I didn’t want to sell my Bantams anyways but The chicken yard is too full at this point. I have 3 big roosters now, BUT the 2 hens are already laying so I will have eggs as soon as they settle. My original birds are still too young to lay sadly. Once I get some chicks out of the Lavenders, we will have a culling day. The ducks will be transitioned to the pond. That cant come soon enough, but cant happen until I get the Mower back up all the way. Major mowing needed to clear a path for them to the Pond. The only problem with the Mower currently is a belt needs replacing as it broke today and the battery will need replacing in the next couple months. I did get quit a bit done this morning before the belt broke.

I dropped one of the metal Kennels and it bounced off my thigh. It left a killer Bruise!! I have recital in a week, so I can’t have injuries or sunburn. I read that Cabbage leaves will draw a bruise out. They will also draw out swelling. Since my ankles keep swelling up so bad that my feet won’t fit in my pointe shoes, I am giving it a try for both.

Also, I can’t tell if the CBD oil is doing much. I have been having too much trouble with the heat. I have not been having as much swelling since I started using it, and I have been sleeping a bit better (except when the cat wakes me at 4am to feed her……)

I am also watching a show called, “Dude, You’re Screwed!” 10 years ago that would have been me! It’s a bunch of guys kidnapping each other and stranding each other in crazy places for a game. Navy Seal, Green Barret, Royal Navy SF and random Bush Masters. They get dropped with oddball items at a location, they get 100 hours to get out and find civilization. The game has them stashing all kinds of things on themselves all the time in case they get kidnapped. Too bad there are only 2 seasons.

I went outside to check on all the birds water and such, when I found one of my Americaunas was dead in the coop!! No marks, signs of anything! I think she had a heart attack!!!

Florida Heat

Something about Florida Heat just isn’t the same as heat in other areas. The Humidity makes it unbearable! Today the day started with 65 degrees, but by 10am it was 86 degrees. Thankfully I woke up early and got moving early. I managed to make Gluten free, dairy free pancakes that were tasty, did the last of the laundry (been working on it for over a week) and used the weed eater in the shady area for about 10 minutes before I had to retreat inside from the heat. If I am lucky, I will get back outside around 6pm with some cooler weather to do some more weed eating. The riding lawn mower has been down for 2 weeks. I started spitting oil everywhere and my buddy has not had time to come work on it. I really need to get out in the field as the weeds are mid thigh high.

What makes me so sad about the heat is that I have to cover all the windows to keep the heat out. Otherwise the AC never turns off. I fear the electricity bills this summer

Herbal Clinic

Yesterday we went to an Herbal Clinic. It wasn’t My appointment, but my Roommates so I went to make sure she knew all the things I do that he doesn’t know about like lavender and eucalyptus oil in the sheets and oil diffuser, Tumeric in almost all the food, slowly adding ginger to all kinds of things, substituting ingredients with better ones, cutting back the saturated fats and salts etc. She looked at his eyes and asked if he had had an injury in his leg, which he had. Of course I was blown away and asked her to show me how she saw that in his eyes. Apparently there is a whole science of the Iris of the eye that provides a map of the bodies functions! Iridology!

She also told him that he has a lot of inflammation in his throat so he is having a reaction to food, more than shellfish that we knew about. So now we are going gluten and dairy free for several weeks to try and heal up some of the other things going on.

She gave him a tincture of skullcap for sleep and a recipe for a Solomon seal and hibiscus oil for his feet. I can save quit a bit of $$ by making it myself. Years of unspecific study turns out has me at an advantage. I know how to do ratio tinctures and oil infusions as well as poltices and a few other things.

OK off to go grocery shopping for the new food plan. Sigh

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