Homestead upgrades

Today I met with a Gulf Power Lady to see about lighting and power poles on the far side of the land. There is luckily 1 pole already there so it will be $8 per month for the light. The street over there is so dark, there is only 1 mailbox on the whole street and there are only 3 addresses, 2 are mine. We talked about putting in a second light, which would require a pole. But if we include it as a new service, then it may save some money. For now, there is a lot of clear cutting of saplings needing done for the 1st light. Small updates 🙂

Disability Paperwork

Finished my disability paperwork, the Long forms, yesterday. It was horrible. You have to tell them all the things you have lost, the things you cant do anymore, all the things that are embarrassing, all your weaknesses and give details. There were 4 packets for me to do. I cried every time I worked on it. Thanks for driving home how much I lost.

To anyone who every has to do the paperwork, have someone with you when you do it, a box of tissues and take LOTS of breaks where you leave the room.

The new garden bed

Here is the unfinished garden bed. It is still only half full of dirt, but I am working on it. Also we made a tripod today for the English Peas, Snap Peas and zucchini. We wrapped it with growing string as it was easier than adding that pre-made netting. Bags of dirt at each spoke and seeds inside. Yay!