Back at the RV park

No we are not parked there again, but I am working on the Community Garden. The things I planted last time are doing well. I have pics on them. Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Egg Plants, Corn, Pole Beans, squash, melons and herbs. I just planted a mound of watermelon and cantaloupe, plus a big section of bush green beans. Its the ones I planted last year, Heavyweight II. They grew really well and everybody liked them. There are also strawberries still and something that popped up from last year. Its either a squash or a melon, not sure.

Not only did I get further on the RV parks garden, I finally started my actual garden here. With a lot of help, we put down a raised bed 12×6 garden box. It is only 1/3 full currently with Dirt, Compost, Cow manure, chicken manure and rabbit manure. Oh and some mushroom compost too. I put down a layer of plastic weed barrier, then a layer of composting paper.  I am so tired, and i hurt now. And there is still so much dirt that needs to be added, at least 20 cubic yards. If I ever get it full, I am planting corn and some heavyweight II green beans for here. I need to figure out what to plant as a ground crawler to make it the 3 sisters 🙂

On the other side, I have some pics from my potted orchard and homestead

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