So many people have recommended CBD oil for my MS and all the things that go with it.

After much research, I finally ordered a bottle from Koi.


1st thought, well the taste is very mild. I got orange, and even the orange flavor is mild which means that there is nothing nasty to really cover up taste wise. I got the sublingual kind, the 500. I took 1 dropper full under the tongue and within 20 minutes I did feel noticeably relaxed.  It did make me very tired so I went to be early. I slept like a LOG! But I woke up earlier than I have been and I feel less drugged up and foggy. I have been having a VERY hard time waking up from my other meds. I was tired enough within an hour of taking it to turn the tv off and not have to have something playing in the background to shut my brain up and stop the anxiety.

This may be the wow part of trying something new and it may wear off. So I will not say if it works or not just yet. In a month I will post a verdict.



On the homestead side, depending on how I feel today, I hope to build my pole bean tripods and plant beans. I am gonna do the super cheater method where I tie bamboo steaks at the top and drop bags of topsoil on the ground at each spoke. Ill leave the plastic on, cut holes in the top where I plant them and leave it that way to grow.  No digging, minimal dirt, conserves water, no mulch required and no weeds! Work smart not hard hehe


I went out to release my free-range chickens and it appears something tried to get my ducks last night. I found small white tufty feathers near the chicken pen where the ducks like to sleep. My neighbor says he ran cats off early this morning from his chickens, thankfully with no fatalities. None of my birds show signs of being hurt, but the big white duck is not running around like he normally does. I will keep an eye on him and set some traps tonight.

Also, yesterday the other neighbors dogs DID get ahold of one of my birds, a speckled Sussex. The bird is fine but skittish now. The family behind us have a chocolate lab mix that they refuse to keep on a runner, inside or build a fence. The whole neighborhood complains about Mocha. Well, now they are shooting at the dog because he is now considered notorious for killing peoples chickens. One neighbor is getting traps from animal control and another is keeping a rifle near the door in case he comes in the yard. Me, I am building better barriers and making sure the ducks go in with the chickens at night. I also have a small live trap with cat food in it out there near where something has been digging along the fence.


Back at the RV park

No we are not parked there again, but I am working on the Community Garden. The things I planted last time are doing well. I have pics on them. Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Egg Plants, Corn, Pole Beans, squash, melons and herbs. I just planted a mound of watermelon and cantaloupe, plus a big section of bush green beans. Its the ones I planted last year, Heavyweight II. They grew really well and everybody liked them. There are also strawberries still and something that popped up from last year. Its either a squash or a melon, not sure.

Not only did I get further on the RV parks garden, I finally started my actual garden here. With a lot of help, we put down a raised bed 12×6 garden box. It is only 1/3 full currently with Dirt, Compost, Cow manure, chicken manure and rabbit manure. Oh and some mushroom compost too. I put down a layer of plastic weed barrier, then a layer of composting paper.  I am so tired, and i hurt now. And there is still so much dirt that needs to be added, at least 20 cubic yards. If I ever get it full, I am planting corn and some heavyweight II green beans for here. I need to figure out what to plant as a ground crawler to make it the 3 sisters 🙂



On the other side, I have some pics from my potted orchard and homestead