Spring planting is well on its way. I did the RV Park Community Garden today with some help. All the covering and nourishing of the soil that I did last season REALLY paid off. Seriously, if you are not gonna plant for a season, get that weed barrier and cover it. I had maybe 5 weeds in 3 parts of the bed. The part I didn’t cover was quit over run and took forever to clear. My back is killing me.

Today we uncovered everything, raked out all the leaves and dead brush, weeded, tilled, made rows, planted Corn, Peas and squash together. Then we planted Bell Peppers, egg plants and tomatoes. Once everything was planted we mulched. Of the 6 sections of the garden, we finished 5 then watered it all down. Talk about a busy day!

I still have to go back and add more support stakes and finish off that 1 section but I think we moved a mountain. The people at the park are ecstatic.Apparently residents have been asking about me and the garden since we moved and its been warming up.

They even had mulch waiting for me. I normally like brown or to alternate sections with brown and red, but this year its all red. I plan to do some bush beans still and melons. But that is for another day. My back cant handle anything else today.



Community Garden Return

Today I am going back to the RV park we were parked at for 2 years to kick up the community garden for spring. They liked what I did so much that they invited me to continue to run it. For an amateur gardener, that it high praise. I picked up the mulch last night. $10 for 5 bags at Home Depot. Pretty good! For the whole garden I will need about 20 bags but I don’t plan to tackle all that today.

Today I plan to plant: Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Eggplant, Corn, beans and melons.


Yesterdays attempt to plow the Garden at home went so bad, I am truly hoping to rekindle my spark to get me though to jump bag on the daunting task of plowing up a field that has never been plowed before. Sigh