To become sustainable

So here I sit, Jobless. They let me go. I am pretty sure they thought, “Wow she is too much trouble, get rid of her.” So My employment was terminated. That leaves me with a couple choices, as well as finding a new job. Income tax will arrive shortly so I am OK currently, and I have some $$ put away that I can access now that I am unemployed.

I can either: make the money last as long as possible, or I can work on making my property sustainable in case I am out of work for longer than hoped. Or I could apply for Disability, which several friends are pointing out that I have MS…….(is that admitting defeat?)

I decided to research, which is something I enjoy and I am very good at. Solar, wind and water. Well, when I got the 1st part of Short term disability, I decided to buy something that I always wanted which is also useful: A water pump for a well. Its green and cast iron and has a long handle, it makes me smile. So for the water well, all I need is some PVC pipe and to turn the water on. Drilling a well takes about 4 hours in a place as sandy as here. Woot! So there is that.

Then there is power.  I have to get a power pole still and turn the power on, but if I add solar panels and a wind turbine, then I will be putting a major dent in the power bill. And in really bad times we will have everything but AC.  There is a TON of info out about solar, which by itself here is not enough. It has to be combined with wind as well. Wind alone means I need to build a really tall tower. I am not into heights btw, and I dont climb so well anymore. Solar, well I can put an array up in the swamp side to keep it out of the way and in more sun away from the trees. But I would have to choose between Mono and poly cell, both have benefits and downfalls. But 1 friend keeps telling me both are not good enough and I should do thermal mass exchange…….. Kind of hard to do that practically in an RV.

Also, I would need to seriously get moving on the gardens. I have the outline of 1 set up and SOME soil bags but not nearly enough yet. I will probably need at least a dozen more bags to get a decent garden moving plus mulch. Sigh.

Poultry. I cant wait to get some chickens. I dream about them lol.  A friend brought me some good empty feed bags to make the roof for the house. So that is something I can start working on shortly. With all the clearing we have been doing, I should have plenty of branches.

I am also looking forward to getting the Pole bar and shed built. Putting the RV under something will help a lot with heating and cooling, and I am TRULY looking forward to having an easily accessible place to put my canning stuff and crafts

Just wish the rain would stop. 2 days of solid rain and stuck indoors. And it looks like rain all day tomorrow too. I am never gonna get the laundry done as I cant hang it out to dry in this mess

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