Still on the picnic table

I am honestly not sure how many days I have been working on the picnic table. So far I have assembled the table top and am in the process of drilling the screw holes and washer holes to attach the legs. I hit a few snags. The washers were bigger than the holes I drilled for them, so I had to go find a bigger paddle bit.  I got to redo everything again………Slowest project EVER!!  But it has 4 legs now. Still have to assemble the supports and the seat.

My daughter is sick with tonsillitis. She has been having a sickly winter for sure. She has kept an upset stomach and has not wanted to eat. We started giving her zantac and that seems to be helping. She has had the stomach virus, random fevers, general weak and blah, strep and now tonsillitis. Poor Bugger. She is losing weight too, which is VERY bad for her as she is normally only 80 lbs.

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