And another blow

Yesterday I got a letter from my job saying that my employment is terminated. They state that they have not received documentation for the 2 second half od my absence. Funny how I JUST got the form last week and I havnt had time enough to receive it back as My therapist has to send it up the chain to be filled out….. So I am unemployed now. I feel like somebody chopped my legs out from under me again. I dont know what I am going to do just yet, but I do know that I am going to be ok. Things are not dire, nor near dire currently so I have a little time to get my bearings. Which is probably a good thing considering I feel like I am spinning and cant choose a direction.

I have some backups set up in case of unemployment so there will be money shortly. I am not sure how much yet, nor what I will do. I could skimp and make it last as long as possible, or I could make sure I am sustainable. I think the latter is a better idea. But I am not in a mind to make decisions yet, just make lists of options and resources.

I didnt sleep last night, cant imagine why…… I didnt wake until very late and I didnt take my daughter to school. I just couldnt seem to make myself function. Thus far, I have managed to eat breakfast, make my daughter eat, and put the meatloaf I made last nite on the grill…..Thats pretty sad

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