Lets try woodworking

I decided we needed a table, so I wanted to build a picnic table from scratch. We had 1 at the RV park and I really took it for granted. I found some plans online: http://www.diygardenplans.net/diy-classic-picnic-table.htm

got my wood and hardware. I started cutting, and figured out how to get some of the angles. Unfortunately I only had a recipercating saw, not a circular saw. So it was very slow going for sure. I got about half the wood cut the 1st day and then I was exhausted. Day 2, I ended up helping some friends out with things. Day 3, I got a circular saw and my buddy showed me how to use it. All the wood got cut. I had gotten untreated wood as it was cheaper so I went ahead and started painting it before putting it together. Today is day 4. All the parts are now painted state park brown. I think I will put green between the slats, but I am tired now.  It may have to wait until tomorrow.

If you have ever done a project like this, you know it only takes about an hour or 2, excluding paint. But my MS is kicking my butt and I have to keep taking breaks. At this rate, I will be finished in 6 days. But Hey, I am still doing it.

Oh, and I forgot to cut the seats………


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