A Week in the ICU

Last monday my Dad told his wife he couldnt breathe so she took him to the local ER. The town they live in is small, so they packed him in an ambulance and booked it 10-18 to the large hospital in Gainesville. Dad flat-lined in the bus but they brought him back. His lungs has suddenly filled with fluid and he was drowning. Severe pnemonia. So 48 hours intubated and in a medically induced coma.

I packed up with a friend and we took off to get there. I went strait to the hospital to see him. Thankfully he was awake by then. They had removed the tubes, but he had a full face mask, a C-Pap type with forced air to keep him breathing, He was so weak that he could not breathe on his own yet. They had suctioned out a large amount of fluid and were fighting to keep his O2 above 70%. He had 5 IV ports and a pic line in his neck. I was truly afraid that this was the end.

24 hours later they had him on a high flow nasal canula, that was still helping him breathe but not as much at the c-pap. His CO2 was building up and in the night he had another episode where he flat-lined again. This time it was heart failure.

I wore a mask the entire time to protect myself as its flu season and we know people who have died from it. The 2nd visit, we were told everyone had to wear a mask now and only 2 people could visit the entire hospitalization because it was now an epidemic. I also read that not only is the flu really bad now, Pnemonia like dads followed by organ failure is epidemic too.

After 5 days, we had to return home. But, before we left, he only had 2 IV lines, they had removed the Pic line and he was able to have simple foods. He sucked down 3 bags on IV antibiotics at a time several times per day and still had the high flow O2.

After we got home he was off the O2 and they FINALLY moved him to the regular wing out of the ICU. So things are much better but he wont be going home for a few more days at least.

It was a ruff trip for me too. My RLS was going INSANE the entire time. I really did not sleep much and I ate a lot of junk food with soda as there was nothing else. Thanks to my Mom as she sent $$ with me so I got groceries finally to cut down the super bad intake that will be with me for a week or so. I did get to take an actual bath as she has a tub and I dont in the RV. And I started a new craft to keep my mind occupied. I learned to do native american seed beading. Granted not well, but it was more a focus than an art project.

I am just glad that he is doing better and I did not get sick in the process.