The flu

A friend of mine passed away yesterday from the flu. I am very sad because she was such a nice lady. A couple of my other friends have the flu currently. I worry about them all. It is no joke this year.

Now to be selfish.

That is very scary for someone with a compromised immune system like me. The Meds I take and the MS are the reason for that. If you have anything similar, than you understand how easily you catch things, and how much harder its hits you. And if you don’t, what that means is your white cell count is much lower than most people’s. Less white cells means antibiotics don’t work as well on you and you are more likely to develop secondary infections. It also means I can’t have live immunizations, so no flu shot.  When you hear that something is a problem for “the young, old and weak immune systems” that means me. I need to buy some masks for this season and look like people in china. More than half the people there wear surgical masks in public as well as latex gloves because there are so many people and sickness increases in heavily populated areas.

So to all of you with the flu, and the families of those with it, Take care of yourself. Also, stay home and get better so you don’t spread it. To those who don’t immunize, I respect your decision, but stay away so you don’t kill me. Cheers

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