I’m still here

I havnt posted in a while for sure but things happened. Because I STILL havnt been paid, we had to move the RV to our property WAY ahead of schedule. And then we didnt have Internet. The move was very complicated in that we had to install an outlet for the 30 amp, then move some water lines and then get a septic line in the ground. The water and electric were easy. The septic however has been a bear. Btw, I am not doing the heavy work. I have tough guys for that.

I am not sure if I have ever explained how the property is set up. There are 5 plats of land: 1 with a 1940s house in need of serious repair which 2 friends will be moving in to eventually, a tiny piece that is vacant that my daughter’s godfather will be putting a trailer on, another small part reserved for another friend, 1 that is all swamp and the last and largest mine, which is vacant. However with the early move, we had to park on the part with the house as My part is vacant with only a water line, but full of crap from illegal dumping and in need of more clear cutting etc. So when I say My part, I mean the final destination.

So back to the septic. We were working on the bathroom of the house and found that the inlet for the septic tank was collapsing. So we replaced that and put in a inlet for the new RV line too, Then we had a neighbor bring his trencher and dig a 300 foot long hole for the pipe. We had found a partial roll of commercial septic line on a HUGE metal wheel so that was sitting around. We actually got it for the wheel itself at an auction for $10 to make an aviary. If you ever look at those wheels and think that rolling out the line will be easy, you are dead wrong. They are heavy and so stiff that they are dangerous. Normally the wheel is attached to a machine that heats the pipe as it rolls out, making it look easy. Without that, OMGoodness it just curls back up, with the strength of a truck. We ended up attaching it to the tractor and stretching it out, using fence posts to make it stay long. It sat in the sun (winter here Btw) for several days before we pushing it in to the hole and started covering.

For the hard freezes, we wrapped this green woven sheeting around the bottom of the RV and chucked a work light under there to keep the temp up. Plus I insulated the water lines, added a water line heater and there are already Tank Heaters attached. So no problems with the extreme cold.

Now I am working on the new garden. Pics will follow later.

So HI, We are still alive!!

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