forward, I hope

The Short Term disability people are still not giving me the answer I want. My mom had to talk to the CEO of a dept at the hospital to get the issue found. There was a printing fee for the records that Cigna was supposed to pay since they requested the records. Well they didn’t, so they didn’t get the paperwork, which caused my case to close. Today I talked to them and they have the paperwork, hopefully it is all there. My case worker sent it back for review. Now we wait. I have learned not to hope too much.

In the mean time, my stomach is very unhappy with me and I don’t want to have to be stuck inside all day. Since we don’t really have anything that needs doing here, I have decided to work on my new garden. There was a lot of illegal dumping done on my property so there are Piles of broken cement everywhere. So I am using the pieces to build a raised bed. Its tough moving them stone by stone and it will take a long time as I am not overdoing it. So far I have only the outline down, but that had made a nice dent in 1 of the piles. If I keep this up, I may use all of it up. Way to re-purpose!!!

I am also hoping to start working on a chicken run. Its a design I found on Mother Earth News. Its made with branches, old feed bags, twine and chicken wire. The gist is a survival hoop shelter that is reinforced.  Lay 2 long sticks about 3 feet apart and stake them down, bend branches between to make the hoop and do the same but larger for the coop. Cover the coop with overlapped feed bags and then lay wire over it. Pretty cool to be able to use survival skills I already have to build something for not survival situation.

Chicken Coop

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