A Week in the ICU

Last monday my Dad told his wife he couldnt breathe so she took him to the local ER. The town they live in is small, so they packed him in an ambulance and booked it 10-18 to the large hospital in Gainesville. Dad flat-lined in the bus but they brought him back. His lungs has suddenly filled with fluid and he was drowning. Severe pnemonia. So 48 hours intubated and in a medically induced coma.

I packed up with a friend and we took off to get there. I went strait to the hospital to see him. Thankfully he was awake by then. They had removed the tubes, but he had a full face mask, a C-Pap type with forced air to keep him breathing, He was so weak that he could not breathe on his own yet. They had suctioned out a large amount of fluid and were fighting to keep his O2 above 70%. He had 5 IV ports and a pic line in his neck. I was truly afraid that this was the end.

24 hours later they had him on a high flow nasal canula, that was still helping him breathe but not as much at the c-pap. His CO2 was building up and in the night he had another episode where he flat-lined again. This time it was heart failure.

I wore a mask the entire time to protect myself as its flu season and we know people who have died from it. The 2nd visit, we were told everyone had to wear a mask now and only 2 people could visit the entire hospitalization because it was now an epidemic. I also read that not only is the flu really bad now, Pnemonia like dads followed by organ failure is epidemic too.

After 5 days, we had to return home. But, before we left, he only had 2 IV lines, they had removed the Pic line and he was able to have simple foods. He sucked down 3 bags on IV antibiotics at a time several times per day and still had the high flow O2.

After we got home he was off the O2 and they FINALLY moved him to the regular wing out of the ICU. So things are much better but he wont be going home for a few more days at least.

It was a ruff trip for me too. My RLS was going INSANE the entire time. I really did not sleep much and I ate a lot of junk food with soda as there was nothing else. Thanks to my Mom as she sent $$ with me so I got groceries finally to cut down the super bad intake that will be with me for a week or so. I did get to take an actual bath as she has a tub and I dont in the RV. And I started a new craft to keep my mind occupied. I learned to do native american seed beading. Granted not well, but it was more a focus than an art project.

I am just glad that he is doing better and I did not get sick in the process.

Life Calling

I just got the call that my Dad is ICU 5 hours away. Oddly, I have been having dreams about him so I cant say I wasnt expecting this phone call. Having no money really sucks. I would already be in the car and on my way. Actually I would not. He has had some other false alarms (thankfully) that had him out of the hospital the same day.

This time is different though. He was having trouble breathing so he had his wife take him to the ER. They took him back ASAP, then transfered him by ambulance to a larger hospital an hour away. He has been admitted, placed in a chemical coma and a pic line installed. I dont think he is getting out today. I am kind of wandering in circles and still havnt had my 1st cup to wake up


The flu

A friend of mine passed away yesterday from the flu. I am very sad because she was such a nice lady. A couple of my other friends have the flu currently. I worry about them all. It is no joke this year.

Now to be selfish.

That is very scary for someone with a compromised immune system like me. The Meds I take and the MS are the reason for that. If you have anything similar, than you understand how easily you catch things, and how much harder its hits you. And if you don’t, what that means is your white cell count is much lower than most people’s. Less white cells means antibiotics don’t work as well on you and you are more likely to develop secondary infections. It also means I can’t have live immunizations, so no flu shot.  When you hear that something is a problem for “the young, old and weak immune systems” that means me. I need to buy some masks for this season and look like people in china. More than half the people there wear surgical masks in public as well as latex gloves because there are so many people and sickness increases in heavily populated areas.

So to all of you with the flu, and the families of those with it, Take care of yourself. Also, stay home and get better so you don’t spread it. To those who don’t immunize, I respect your decision, but stay away so you don’t kill me. Cheers

Ice Fun

With temp dropping to the teens (which btw is INSANE in florida) I decided to play with Ice and recreate a picture my Papa made of me when I was 4-5 years old. It was in the paper too. So I grabbed a ladder, and the hose, set it to mist and came back the next morn. Here is what I woke up to

MS Update!!

Today I went to my MS doc and she has all me most recent tests results. No new plaques or lesions, blood levels including white count look good and now new exacerbations or symptoms (excluding depression and the stuff that just is) I am officially in Remission and my MS is MANAGED!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! Only took 3 years or so lol

Now to focus on the mental side to get managed there.

forward, I hope

The Short Term disability people are still not giving me the answer I want. My mom had to talk to the CEO of a dept at the hospital to get the issue found. There was a printing fee for the records that Cigna was supposed to pay since they requested the records. Well they didn’t, so they didn’t get the paperwork, which caused my case to close. Today I talked to them and they have the paperwork, hopefully it is all there. My case worker sent it back for review. Now we wait. I have learned not to hope too much.

In the mean time, my stomach is very unhappy with me and I don’t want to have to be stuck inside all day. Since we don’t really have anything that needs doing here, I have decided to work on my new garden. There was a lot of illegal dumping done on my property so there are Piles of broken cement everywhere. So I am using the pieces to build a raised bed. Its tough moving them stone by stone and it will take a long time as I am not overdoing it. So far I have only the outline down, but that had made a nice dent in 1 of the piles. If I keep this up, I may use all of it up. Way to re-purpose!!!

I am also hoping to start working on a chicken run. Its a design I found on Mother Earth News. Its made with branches, old feed bags, twine and chicken wire. The gist is a survival hoop shelter that is reinforced.  Lay 2 long sticks about 3 feet apart and stake them down, bend branches between to make the hoop and do the same but larger for the coop. Cover the coop with overlapped feed bags and then lay wire over it. Pretty cool to be able to use survival skills I already have to build something for not survival situation. https://www.motherearthnews.com/homesteading-and-livestock/self-reliance/self-sufficient-homestead-zm0z11zkon

Chicken Coop

I’m still here

I havnt posted in a while for sure but things happened. Because I STILL havnt been paid, we had to move the RV to our property WAY ahead of schedule. And then we didnt have Internet. The move was very complicated in that we had to install an outlet for the 30 amp, then move some water lines and then get a septic line in the ground. The water and electric were easy. The septic however has been a bear. Btw, I am not doing the heavy work. I have tough guys for that.

I am not sure if I have ever explained how the property is set up. There are 5 plats of land: 1 with a 1940s house in need of serious repair which 2 friends will be moving in to eventually, a tiny piece that is vacant that my daughter’s godfather will be putting a trailer on, another small part reserved for another friend, 1 that is all swamp and the last and largest mine, which is vacant. However with the early move, we had to park on the part with the house as My part is vacant with only a water line, but full of crap from illegal dumping and in need of more clear cutting etc. So when I say My part, I mean the final destination.

So back to the septic. We were working on the bathroom of the house and found that the inlet for the septic tank was collapsing. So we replaced that and put in a inlet for the new RV line too, Then we had a neighbor bring his trencher and dig a 300 foot long hole for the pipe. We had found a partial roll of commercial septic line on a HUGE metal wheel so that was sitting around. We actually got it for the wheel itself at an auction for $10 to make an aviary. If you ever look at those wheels and think that rolling out the line will be easy, you are dead wrong. They are heavy and so stiff that they are dangerous. Normally the wheel is attached to a machine that heats the pipe as it rolls out, making it look easy. Without that, OMGoodness it just curls back up, with the strength of a truck. We ended up attaching it to the tractor and stretching it out, using fence posts to make it stay long. It sat in the sun (winter here Btw) for several days before we pushing it in to the hole and started covering.

For the hard freezes, we wrapped this green woven sheeting around the bottom of the RV and chucked a work light under there to keep the temp up. Plus I insulated the water lines, added a water line heater and there are already Tank Heaters attached. So no problems with the extreme cold.

Now I am working on the new garden. Pics will follow later.

So HI, We are still alive!!

Quick Update

I had to move my RV out to the Property WAY ahead of schedule due to finances. So I had to abandon the Garden at the RV park. Well not really, because they still want me to run it. So today, after multiple hard freezes, I went to clear out the things that didnt survive. None of the lettuce made it. BUT the Ruttabaga are doing Great! Left neglected in good soil with mulch plus a collection of leaves to protect them. WOOT!!ruttabega