I am awake

Six AM and I am awake…… sigh. I tried to go back to sleep but my brain was apparently awake before my body. Thinking about money things and all. It is so frustrating when they keep telling me to relax and focus on getting better, but the Bill collectors keep calling and the money isn’t coming in to pay them. Sadly, I need to make some changes that I would prefer not to. We pay about $600 in rent each month, but now it needs to go to my RV payment or we will loose it. So it looks like we will be moving the RV, but I am not 100% sure where. There is a gent across from the Property that has an RV parking spot where his son used to live in His. It has full hookups and the Gent needs someone who will be able to keep a watch on the house there as he travels for work. Plus I will be able to keep an eye on My Property from there.

As for work and school, yes it will be a little longer drive but not by much. It is just as fast to get her to school in the morning as the Interstate is still close which is very good.

SOME updates. So the Gent is not up for renting his RV pad. So today we worked on getting a place cleared out to park the RV on the homestead. Granted, the area needed clearing out anyways and we havnt made any changes that didnt already need to be done, plus if we DO go there then there is still more work to be done. But we wont know until at the earliest tomorrow. My roommate is probably getting a major promotion at work, but it will put him at a different location. So that throws a kink in that. so we may head west instead of east to be closer to his job. Not too much btw, and the rent there is $300 cheaper than here. There are pluses to both. If we go East than there is no rent, just utilities and we have to get Internet and do a bit of work, plus I can work on the Property at almost any time with no commute. If we move West, its a new RV park, new people and they have a pool. So it looks like we will be moving the RV either a half hour East or West by the 1st of the year. Now we wait…… and I clean……..



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