Change in Meds

We have been changing my meds around to help with the Depression and complete lack of sleep. We changed from Trazadone to Remeron at night. I can only say that Yes I am sleeping, but WOW the dreams are vivid!!!! One night I dreamed I was a Vampire in a Western Town and last night I dreamed I lived in the house I grew up in again and somebody broke in and stole all the Xmas presents. Yikes!!

When I woke, I had to go check that the presents were still under the tree. I was terribly upset that my daughter’s and my Mothers’ presents were gone because I had put so much thought into them.

I also remember a dream from earlier in the night where I had built up the future garden beds and was tilling the compost and and cow manure in. It was very satisfying to have the beds ready for planting. It was weird. Nice, but weird.

Having had some sleep is REALLY making a difference. I just hope the new combination if meds effects don’t wear off like the last combo. With the trazadone I slept 12 hours and then less and less each night after. Its been just a week so I am hopeful.

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