Alternating work

On the good days I am getting a bunch of stuff done. On the not good days, just staying in bed. There have been a few more good days as of late, which is nice. My Chiropractor/PT guys say I have made a lot of progress and I have only had 3 Migraines in the last month, which is a HUGE improvement. Yay!

So on the good days thus far I have done a ton of mowing. We have cut through the Super-trees (12-30 small trees grown together into THICK bunches) and found the water line. Soon we will be adding a spigot to attach a hose so we can start burning off some of the brush we have cleared.

Since it rained yesterday, we worked inside the old house. The bathroom is prepped for new sheet rock, the toilet is in the process of being moved and the floor is almost ready for tile. It is slow work but it is coming along. We alternate work between the 2 sides so nobody gets burnt out. It also gives the back and arms a rest lol. Slow but steady. It is nice to have a project and it keeps the spirits up.

I hope to eventually move some of the rocks and start building up some of the raised beds.

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