End of Season

It is officially the end of growing season. We had snow on the ground here in Florida and I lost a whole bunch of plants. But it was expected. So not a major loss. I lost the green beans, winter corn, bell peppers, melons and squash. I pulled everything up yesterday and today. So now all that is left are herbs, salad greens and marigolds. Time to add compost, manure, peat and fertilizer then cover everything for spring. I have to say I am really looking forwards to spring. Last year it was a struggle to get the soil corrected as it was mostly sand. Plus I had no idea what I was doing lol.

Now the soil will be fertile and ready for planting. I just need a few things like mulch and such when the time comes. Its kind of nice! So the more work I get done now, the less work later on. And this time I will have way more freedom with it as I have complete control of the garden and what is in it. I want to add a new section outside of the current garden to move the Herbs to so I dont have to keep moving them around. Then I can tag them so people will know what is there. Currently, if you dont know what you are looking for, you cant really pick herbs from the garden. It is kind of hodge-podge where the herbs are concerned. We shall see.

I have a full plan for the garden for sure. I am going to plant the 3 sisters again and hope we dont get beetles. And green beans, both bush and pole. Mostly the things that were successful this last year but MORE as they were just testers before. Fingers crossed!!

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