No work today

The garden is being bombarded by Ice cold rain. The wind is constant and I am quite sure I have lost most of the crops there. But that is weather. In Florida we don’t see much in the way of winter. In fact we jokingly say its the “Three Days of Winter.” Well it is happening now but its wet and windy and utterly yuck outside. I think the eggplant will be fine as I picked all the fruit. The bean plants are mostly bare and the melons are either green or picked. The lettuce and the corn are the only things I worry about. I planted a winter corn, Painted mountain, that is suited for extremely cold climates. I am not sure if they are a match for the wet part though. We shall see. But in the end, I am in the process of closing out the garden anyways. I am adding compost, manure and peat moss to the cleared out spots and then covering them in plastic to “cook” until spring.

After the weather breaks I will venture outside and check on everything. I have little doubt I lost all the lettuce. But the cabbage may still be OK. I did not have time to make hoop huts to protect them. Oh well. Nobody is eating the lettuce anyways. Prep for next season it is. Oh and a buddy of mine got a tiller so it will only take about 30 minutes to do the whole bed instead of a couple of hours.

On the property, I got so much mowing done I am so thrilled. I mowed down all the new growth so we got back everything we did last year, and have pushed farther into the old growth exposing areas that have not seen sun in at least a decade. My roommate came out and did some pole saw work and we cleared around the biggest tree out there. It is beautiful. It has Big vines going up and down the trunk and is bigger around than I can wrap my arms. I honestly didnt even know the tree was there because of how this the vegitation is.

Today is a nap day for sure

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