I am awake

Six AM and I am awake…… sigh. I tried to go back to sleep but my brain was apparently awake before my body. Thinking about money things and all. It is so frustrating when they keep telling me to relax and focus on getting better, but the Bill collectors keep calling and the money isn’t coming in to pay them. Sadly, I need to make some changes that I would prefer not to. We pay about $600 in rent each month, but now it needs to go to my RV payment or we will loose it. So it looks like we will be moving the RV, but I am not 100% sure where. There is a gent across from the Property that has an RV parking spot where his son used to live in His. It has full hookups and the Gent needs someone who will be able to keep a watch on the house there as he travels for work. Plus I will be able to keep an eye on My Property from there.

As for work and school, yes it will be a little longer drive but not by much. It is just as fast to get her to school in the morning as the Interstate is still close which is very good.

SOME updates. So the Gent is not up for renting his RV pad. So today we worked on getting a place cleared out to park the RV on the homestead. Granted, the area needed clearing out anyways and we havnt made any changes that didnt already need to be done, plus if we DO go there then there is still more work to be done. But we wont know until at the earliest tomorrow. My roommate is probably getting a major promotion at work, but it will put him at a different location. So that throws a kink in that. so we may head west instead of east to be closer to his job. Not too much btw, and the rent there is $300 cheaper than here. There are pluses to both. If we go East than there is no rent, just utilities and we have to get Internet and do a bit of work, plus I can work on the Property at almost any time with no commute. If we move West, its a new RV park, new people and they have a pool. So it looks like we will be moving the RV either a half hour East or West by the 1st of the year. Now we wait…… and I clean……..



Alternating work

On the good days I am getting a bunch of stuff done. On the not good days, just staying in bed. There have been a few more good days as of late, which is nice. My Chiropractor/PT guys say I have made a lot of progress and I have only had 3 Migraines in the last month, which is a HUGE improvement. Yay!

So on the good days thus far I have done a ton of mowing. We have cut through the Super-trees (12-30 small trees grown together into THICK bunches) and found the water line. Soon we will be adding a spigot to attach a hose so we can start burning off some of the brush we have cleared.

Since it rained yesterday, we worked inside the old house. The bathroom is prepped for new sheet rock, the toilet is in the process of being moved and the floor is almost ready for tile. It is slow work but it is coming along. We alternate work between the 2 sides so nobody gets burnt out. It also gives the back and arms a rest lol. Slow but steady. It is nice to have a project and it keeps the spirits up.

I hope to eventually move some of the rocks and start building up some of the raised beds.

Change in Meds

We have been changing my meds around to help with the Depression and complete lack of sleep. We changed from Trazadone to Remeron at night. I can only say that Yes I am sleeping, but WOW the dreams are vivid!!!! One night I dreamed I was a Vampire in a Western Town and last night I dreamed I lived in the house I grew up in again and somebody broke in and stole all the Xmas presents. Yikes!!

When I woke, I had to go check that the presents were still under the tree. I was terribly upset that my daughter’s and my Mothers’ presents were gone because I had put so much thought into them.

I also remember a dream from earlier in the night where I had built up the future garden beds and was tilling the compost and and cow manure in. It was very satisfying to have the beds ready for planting. It was weird. Nice, but weird.

Having had some sleep is REALLY making a difference. I just hope the new combination if meds effects don’t wear off like the last combo. With the trazadone I slept 12 hours and then less and less each night after. Its been just a week so I am hopeful.

End of Season

It is officially the end of growing season. We had snow on the ground here in Florida and I lost a whole bunch of plants. But it was expected. So not a major loss. I lost the green beans, winter corn, bell peppers, melons and squash. I pulled everything up yesterday and today. So now all that is left are herbs, salad greens and marigolds. Time to add compost, manure, peat and fertilizer then cover everything for spring. I have to say I am really looking forwards to spring. Last year it was a struggle to get the soil corrected as it was mostly sand. Plus I had no idea what I was doing lol.

Now the soil will be fertile and ready for planting. I just need a few things like mulch and such when the time comes. Its kind of nice! So the more work I get done now, the less work later on. And this time I will have way more freedom with it as I have complete control of the garden and what is in it. I want to add a new section outside of the current garden to move the Herbs to so I dont have to keep moving them around. Then I can tag them so people will know what is there. Currently, if you dont know what you are looking for, you cant really pick herbs from the garden. It is kind of hodge-podge where the herbs are concerned. We shall see.

I have a full plan for the garden for sure. I am going to plant the 3 sisters again and hope we dont get beetles. And green beans, both bush and pole. Mostly the things that were successful this last year but MORE as they were just testers before. Fingers crossed!!

No work today

The garden is being bombarded by Ice cold rain. The wind is constant and I am quite sure I have lost most of the crops there. But that is weather. In Florida we don’t see much in the way of winter. In fact we jokingly say its the “Three Days of Winter.” Well it is happening now but its wet and windy and utterly yuck outside. I think the eggplant will be fine as I picked all the fruit. The bean plants are mostly bare and the melons are either green or picked. The lettuce and the corn are the only things I worry about. I planted a winter corn, Painted mountain, that is suited for extremely cold climates. I am not sure if they are a match for the wet part though. We shall see. But in the end, I am in the process of closing out the garden anyways. I am adding compost, manure and peat moss to the cleared out spots and then covering them in plastic to “cook” until spring.

After the weather breaks I will venture outside and check on everything. I have little doubt I lost all the lettuce. But the cabbage may still be OK. I did not have time to make hoop huts to protect them. Oh well. Nobody is eating the lettuce anyways. Prep for next season it is. Oh and a buddy of mine got a tiller so it will only take about 30 minutes to do the whole bed instead of a couple of hours.

On the property, I got so much mowing done I am so thrilled. I mowed down all the new growth so we got back everything we did last year, and have pushed farther into the old growth exposing areas that have not seen sun in at least a decade. My roommate came out and did some pole saw work and we cleared around the biggest tree out there. It is beautiful. It has Big vines going up and down the trunk and is bigger around than I can wrap my arms. I honestly didnt even know the tree was there because of how this the vegitation is.

Today is a nap day for sure

Today in Therapy

My Therapist is Irish. He is really cool, no nonsense, no fluff. I like him a lot. He listens, then points out a few things so I draw my own conclusions in many cases. Today he said, after hearing about me in high school and then in college, that I have had some pretty mixed messages. He had asked why I throw myself so hard into things like work. In High school I was always told (by teachers and such) that I would never succeed, never amount to anything. So I decided to prove them wrong and be amazing. So in college I was an Honors Student, in the Honors Society and almost top of the class. They told me there I could do anything, do whatever job made me happy and make a lot of money. So I am a failure that can do anything…….. Well, if I can do anything, WHY have I not gotten the job at work as a Trainer? I have applied more times than I have fingers and toes twice over. He agrees that I am not an “Indoor Girl” and that my being happy there is almost impossible, hence the current situation. He suggested I start shopping for jobs. Only problem with that is, what company in their right mind would hire somebody with my limitations, let alone pay what I need or offer health insurance that is worth even half of what I currently have? Plus if I had to change insurance, what insurance company would take me with MS?? He said to just try anyways because I am only looking at the negative and that there is something out there for me. So I failed but I can still do anything……. I am confused. I am sure there is a lesson in this exercise but I cant see it. My head hurts. I am going to bed

coffee first, THEN meds

I had a horrible migraine last night and had to take my rescue med, which puts me to sleep in 30 minutes flat. So you can imagine when I woke this morning I was very groggy. I made my coffee, took my morning meds and sat down to drink said coffee. Then I realized I took my night time meds by mistake. Thankfully its not an overdose situation, but it does mean I will be going back to sleep shortly. I am frustrated because I have Dr appointments every day this week and I needed to get stuff done today before todays appointment. But I dont have a choice now as there will be no driving for at least 3 hours. Requip makes me very sleepy. Nite nite