Yesterday I had a Chiropractic visit with P-wave and PT. Plus last night I went back to ballet class. I hurt. Mostly hips and shoulders with minor sore muscles. Plus something is blooming that is making my sinus’ go insane!!

Ballet was not as bad as expected in some ways and way worse in others. Leotards are unforgiving already, but with 1 wall being 1 huge mirror, you cant really look away. Its hard to see how much weight I have gained. It is affecting my dancing, the way my shoes fit and my center of gravity. Plus my feet have lost a lot of flexibility so I had a really hard time getting on pointe. My thighs are thicker now so anything close together require serious squeezing. The new music for recital is very…. athletic!! Which is good, but there is no 1st beat before we start moving so everybody is behind from the very beginning. It starts with a leap!! Kind of need to be on time for that!

I kept up ok and I ignored what I looked like in the mirror so I could correct my lines, but man I need to do something about this or I wont be able to keep dancing on pointe. This weight gain is really getting me. More water, less and better snacks, smaller portions and a walk every day. Easier said than done, but I am gonna try.

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