Homestead updates

I got word that there is now city sewer on the block at the end of my property. So now I dont have to fret so much about a septic tank. That is great news because there are wetlands on my property and I was looking at $8-10K for an above ground septic system plus all the perk, permit and survey fees. Yikes!!  That means that come income tax time, I can get a sewer tap and electric. Then its water, which there are already lines and a water box there, which is a major cost cutter.  Tap fee is $2500 where as reusing a tap is only $200.

I am trying so hard not to make garden plans yet, but it is really hard lol. This weekend I will be taking some of my trees out there to plant. I have 9 blue spruce trees that will be part of the hedge/living fence that really need out of their pots. I am also trying not to think too much about the chickens I want because it is too soon. I need to get a fence up though. The ordinance is odd for fences in that area. 10 feet back from the road and no taller than 4 feet in the front yard, so hedge behind the fence. I personally would like a privacy fence that is 8 feet tall to keep any animals in and people out. Also I don’t want everybody in the area to see all my fruit trees and such. I have 2 apple, 2 plum, 2 fig, 2 blueberry and 1 peach sitting on my porch in pots. I still want some citrus and nuts to add to the orchard, but I have a lot of clearing that needs to be done out there plus utilities before they get a permanent home. My neighbor wants to get some goats out there to do the clearing for us, but for that to work, I have to get the fences up. UGH such a big and expensive job!! All i can hope for is some of my strong friends to come out and help because there is no way I can do it myself.

Ok I am gonna try and sleep again. 2 posts on this sleepless night.

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