Cats are weird

About a year and half ago we adopted a cat from Petco. All their dogs and cats come from the Humane society and are fixed, up to date on shots and need loving families. I wanted a kitten, but this bi-color eyed (one blue, one green) fat cow colored cat stole me heart. Her name was Fancy, and she, and her sister, once belonged to an elderly lady who could no longer take care of them. Her sister had been adopted a while back so she has been alone a long time. Well, we changed her name after I spilled ground sage on the floor and she treated it like catnip. Also, whenever I burn sage, she is so silly.

Her name is Sage now, and she says Hi. Actually says Hi! She will jump up on the bed or the couch with me and I say Hi, she responds every time with a clipped squeaky meow. (broken voice box, so she more quacks than meows) She is obsessed with the shower. Every time I leave the door open, she is in there licking the water off the floor. I keep her water fresh, but she wants it from the shower. She also wants it from my cup. If there is condensation on the outside, she licks every drop off.

When I climb in to bed, she will come say hi, but goes and plays. Until Kevin comes in the room. As soon as he heads this way, she jumps in and has to be in the middle.  During the day you will find her sitting on top of the couch staring out the window at the neighbors dogs or spread eagle on the floor. Don’t touch her belly though, cause she will bite you. Right this moment she is spread out like a 2 year old on the bed, sound asleep and purring like a diesel. How can something her size take up so much space?

Her favorite toy is a ball of paper from 1 type of notebook. If you toss her a paper ball from anything else, she just walks away. She is also a pen clepto. I have to hide my pens and even hide when I am using one because she will come and steal it right out of my hand! I need to get a yard stick to fish under the slide and see how big her collection is.

Living in the RV is fine with her as long as she can see outside. Well, that’s not true. She REALLY doesnt like it when the RV moves. She is terrified of travel and will hide in the worst places like under the drivers seat. So she has to travel in a crate. I feel so bad for her because she yowls the whole time and refuses to eat or drink in there. When we stop I always pull her out, but she still wont eat or drink. I think the 1st time we moved the RV (8 hour trip) with her in it, she felt her home had betrayed her. But on the way back, we let her stay outside the crate for a lot of the trip. Unfortunately she kept trying to climb under my feet while driving and climb in to my lap. Back to the crate 😦

She is fat. She has a saggy tummy and weighs 13 lbs. I have tried several types of food including weight management, but she wont eat it or gets sick. We feed her twice per day, 1/4 cup which is what the vet recommended. Well she picks out the bits she likes and is begging like we are starving her to death. We keep her food in the bathroom (she is a thief) and the 2 hours before she gets fed, she is tripping everyone who goes in there.

Cats are weird, or at least our cat is.


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