Very sad meeting

I have been with the Volunteer Fire Dept since 2010 as a 1st Responder and the Secretary of the Board of Directors. I have loved every minute (almost) of it. When I was diagnosed with MS I had already lost the ability to climb up in to the engine. I retired officially when I started MS meds which have compromised my Immune system. But I still had the BOD. Tonight we had the meeting I have been dreading for 2 years, ever since the County told us they were putting a Paid Crew at our station. We Officially Dissolved the BOD tonight. Our next, and last, meeting will be to deal with all the assets like equipment and “stuff” at the station that belongs to the Volunteer portion. Now all I have are memories and a few T-shirts (and a REALLY BRIGHT YELLOW jacket) It was a very emotional meeting for all of us. But I will say I cherish every moment I was there and I learned so many things. Its like the end of an Era for me.

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