I laughed

Today I took my Therapists advice: I got out of the house and hung out with some friends who had a project. Went out to the property to walk around and see how everything looks after being abandoned during the summer heat and my issues. It was very relaxing and I really liked being out there. I didnt really DO much, but I was out. I did however discover that I REALLY like driving the Big Mower. I was using it to help move wood fence posts from 1 side to the other, but not mowing. I took off in the thicket with it just learning to drive it and laughed like I havnt laughed in years. It was too much fun. I would hit a dip in the ground and it would bounce, then when I came to a stop too hard, the ass end popped up off the ground. I laughed even harder. It was great.

One of the guys decided to go “walk-about” in an area I had viewed on satellite. There was something that looked like an old car, just past the rubble that I can’t move yet. He took off happy as a clam in to the deep woods to find it. It is very soggy back there and can be very swampy. None of us have been back there so no idea how bad. He wore knee high rubber boots. When we caught up with him later, he was soaked from the waist down and dumping muck out of his boots. He found a deep spot, thankfully he got himself out because nobody would have been able to save him!! But he found it. It was an OLD RV that has collapsed in on itself and is half sunk in the swamp. Yeah I think we should just leave it alone.

After he dried out, the guys sunk posts for a fence. I also FINALLY got my car back. I love my Honda Element. The seats are upright, I dont have to climb in, I just step in. Its not hard to get out of and it has elbow space. And it tows behind my RV on a Blue Ox like it was made for it. I really missed my car. I also took some cuttings of the Kumquat tree as I found out they are about to chop it down. Its not mine so I have no say, and it is way to big to transplant. I just hope I can get these branches to root. I would hate to miss out on having a Kumquat tree that produces so well.

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