Restless Leg Meds!!

Yesterday my fave Neurologist prescribed me Requip for my restless leg.  Last night, I took it around 930, and was asleep by 1030. I slept though the night and woke up to my 1st alarm!! OMGoodness this is the 1st time in more than 6 months!! I feel rested, I dont feel strung out, It was WONDERFUL to finally sleep and at night too!!My blood sugar is off, but that is to be expected. I feel inspired to go do the hard work in the garden, which is emptying the composter and nourishing the closed off sections for the winter to cook for spring. Yay!

Did some minor stuff in the garden. Planned out next years crop, a small amount of weeding, watered the new broccoli, kale and Collard greens. Then I pulled the last of the tomato roots except the 1 that has 2 tomatoes on it. That section has 2 tomato plants and 1 eggplant. They are still producing so I cant close down that section for the season. But that is ok. I also planted “winter” corn. See, Florida doesn’t truly have a winter, we have a mild Fall by most accounts. The package says it is hardy in the cold Montana winters so I figure here will be just fine. Its the Painted Mountain corn, very colorful. Good for fresh eating, popping or making meal. We shall see how it goes.

End of the day

It was a great start. But like all things good, they must be destroyed apparently. Mom had surgery today, minor back procedure that takes about an hour. Got there with no problem, she got checked in pretty fast, they got her IV in and had her dressed for the occasion. Then we wait, and wait, and wait. Turns out there is a delay. We waited 2 hours before they finally came back to get her. Thankfully the procedure went VERY quickly, but now her back hurts very much and I worry about her.

So I got her home, and my daughter comes out to Bitch about school. This isn’t your basic venting session, and it wasn’t asking for help, no problem solving today. That or I am just being very touchy coming down from feeling so good this morning. May be that I am just bitchy. Either way there was bitching. Finally get home myself and in to pajamas. And I am out of chocolate. And I am still worried about my disabilty claim. They are saying they have not gotten certain paperwork and now I am becoming more and more scared they will deny it. When I had optic neuritis it was easy to diognose, send in test results, show treatment and return to work. Bing bang boom. Not depression. The paperwork will say “Patient says she is unhappy and doesn’t want to go to work. Patient says she is depressed.” That can’t be tested, cant be shown with a treatment that will immediately have me back at work. So I am very concerned I am not only going to be denied, but also fired. That will set off a chain of events that will be even worse, like loosing my RV, my health insurance, my car & Rv insurance, all of which amount to loss of MS treatment considering my MS med, Gilenya, is $19k per month………….. Worked myself right up in to panic attack. Thankfully I have Lorazapam. I am done with this day. It is time to shut off my brain. Good nite


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