Good Morning!

I slept again, and even got to sleep in a little. Not the “I am so exhausted I cant get up” sleep, but the, “Oh this bed feels good and I am just going to enjoy it a little longer.”

On my 1st cup of hot tea with the windows open enjoying the cool air and waking up the rest of the way. This is nice, I like this. So much better than how it has been the last few months. I have no doubt now that the insomnia was adding to the depression and a lot of my other issues.

Today I want to do some surveying of the Property as it has been a year since we did so. Its time to re-evaluate the plans and adjust the work accordingly. I hope to get the weed eater in 1 area that looks very thin from satellite images. If it is as thin as I think, we can clear it slowly in just a couple days which will put a huge dent in what needs to be done. Need to drill some holes in the giant wood box we salvaged and paint it. It will be a raised bed planter when finished.  Nothing major today, just slow and steady and play by ear.

If I am still feeling well later today, I may try the weed eater by the rubble pile and try to get around it. I have no idea what the ground looks like past it as the weeds are so overgrown. I think there is about 100-200 feet of good ground there before it drops off in to the swamp. Now that weather has cooled off and the weeds will start dying back, it is time to get moving again.

I want to plan where the gardens will go and start moving some of my trees over. I have 2 apple, 2 fig, 1 peach and 2 plum. I want to get the orchard started, they will do so much better not in pots. Also I have 9 Blue Spruce for the beginning of the living fence that need planting in the ground too. Today will be a great day.

Oh and around the corner at the RV park is a HUGE Kumquat tree that is a HEAVY producer. It has several new branches that are still green, but strong. I will be taking several cuttings and trying to root them. I want to have a Kumquat tree out there too. Yay!

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