Cow Poo

The community garden is officially in decline, as expected. Tis the season for summer things to die, sections to be tilled, nourished and covered, and plans for next year to begin.  I looked at my roommate and said, “Will you buy me a bag of cow shit?”…….

Suffice to say, he didn’t know how to respond.

I am a little sad to see the tomato plants slowly turn brown and die. Funny though, it isnt happening very fast. There is no, “It’s time to chop them down,” sign. I have 4 left, 2 with fruit! I am not sure if I should chop them down, or just let them go and see how long they live. But that section needs to be tilled with cow poo and compost so it has plenty of time to cook for spring. I plan to plant LOTS of corn. With how weird the seasons are here, there is no official winter start and finish. In fact, there are usually 3 true Days of Winter! There is cold, but only enough to confuse the plants  and birds lol.

He says, “So all you want to Christmas is Cow Shit?”

“Oh and some peat moss!”


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