Back to homestead building

Its cooled off and I REALLY need to get my depressed butt in gear. I need to get more work done in Pace to get closer to moving out there. Clearing brush and trees, tearing down the old mangled fence, removing debris from illegal dumping, and planting the living fence are on the list. Also on the other side of the property we are all working on rebuilding the house so our neighbors can move in. It is turning in to a hippy commune for sure as in the end there will be 4 families on 5 plots of land. We all want chickens, 2 of us are gardeners, 2 are handymen and carpenters, 1 does rabbits and most of us want goats. We have creamers (cheese, butter, buttermilk etc) several brewers, 3 seamstresses and all artists in some useful respect. 2 survivalists that are trained and geared up. Yeah we are weirdos but it will be fun. Hard work, but worth it. I need things that show progress and have an outcome that are stimulating physically lol

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