Its time

It is time to sell my Irish dance dresses. I have 11 total, which I have collected over the years. My daughter has 4 solo and I have 3 solo. Plus we have our Team dresses and a Mother Daughter set that I made. I actually made 3 dresses, 2 for her and 1 for me. These are more simple and less ornate. If you have ever seen Irish Dance Dresses, you know they can be BLINGED OUT!!

The Mother Daughter set is a Turtleneck leotard with satin skirts, capes and hair pieces. I just accepted an offer on the set as well as another of the handmade ones, so that will help a lot with money.I am supposed that the simple ones that I made are the ones selling. I have spent the last 48 hours measuring, photographing and sorting accessories. I cant list them on the Trade site until I have some $$ to list them officially for sale as the site charges, but I put them up on my Adult Dancers FB page to let those ladies have 1st crack at them. Many of us have danced together in the past and have become friends. I miss them a lot. I miss Irish dance a lot. I have also cried a lot. I burst in to tears when I photographed my Custom solo. I designed it and had it made just for me. It was $1600 and then I spent a couple hundred more on Swarovski crystals, which I put on there myself. So the dress is worth about $2000. Looking back, it was a bit excessive, but to me, it was worth it.

Dancing with my daughter was pure joy. We didn’t care if we were competing or just given a chance somewhere. We didn’t care if we won or anything. It was just wonderful. We went to Disney and ate at Raglan Road, where there are dancers. They invited her to dance on stage too. She did Walls of Limerick to a lite jig with every bit of skill she had when she was practicing every day. I was floored! So floored I was too dumbfounded to record it! She looked amazing and didn’t need my help except to be side stage where she could see me if she got stuck. That is how we did it when she was competing, I would sit in front of the stage so she could see me. The judges all knew she was Autistic, they took care of her too. They always put her 1st or last, and if she was having a bad day, they would clear the stage, and sometimes the room, so she could compete. She usually placed too! I was a bit hurt that she didn’t want me dancing with her at Raglan, but I was so proud.

Everyone tells me to look back and cherish the memories and to be so happy to have had the opportunity. I certainly do! They also say, I may be able to do it again when we get the meds strait. But it really hurts too look back at what I used to be able to do and know that statistically, I will probably not be able to. I have gained weight, my dress is way to small now, my legs are not strong enough to hold me up in landing a leap. I feel that way about Ballet sometimes too, but not as much. There I just feel fat and ungraceful. I am sure this is the depression talking, but it is how I feel currently. mother daughter.png

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