another sleepless night

So I took the Trazadone at 830, having read several reviews stating it takes about 2 hours to work. at 10pm I laid in bed, at 1030 I started the clockwork of my “go to sleep” routine. At 1130, I was a little tired but not asleep. So I changed the movie I was listening to that I had seen 1000 times; you know, the ones you can see on the backs of your eye lids? Nothing. Around 145 I decided to get up, eat something and watch a documentary on WWII. Pretty interesting actually. Its called “The War” on Netflix and it has several episodes. But its 215 now and I am wide awake and tired. This is so frustrating. BUT its now Halloween and I get to finish up the decorations and handle some trick or treater’s.

I feel like I should have more plans for tomorrow, as normally I would have a list to knock out. It used to make me proud to accomplish so much routinely. Now I need to be happy I get 1-2 things done and still get dinner on the table. Small things.


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