MRI not so good

This was the longest MRI I have ever had. 2.5 hours. Brain, cervical spine and thorasic spine: with and without contrast. So an hour drive there and I spent the whole night having vivid nightmares about blown veins and them digging to hit the vein. So bad that I didnt sleep and had to take a lorazipam to calm back down. I get there, take a pill, and the tech blows my best vein. So he tries again, and Digs then blows it. He tries 1 more time and again misses. So a tech from the lab comes and hits it from across the room. I am pretty shaken at this point and now I get it sit on a hard table for 2.5 hours in a tube that sounds like a clothes drier with combat boots inside. They forgot to put a pillow down so I had a bolt digging in to my head the whole time. I have a lump there now. almost 2 hours in and my legs start going and wont stop. I cant sit there anymore. They had to bring me out 3 times, but the 1 thing I needed to do I wasnt allowed to do: Get up and stretch. We didnt finish all the non-contrast shots and did none of the contrast. So i went though all that with the IV for nothing. I am exhausted, still sick to my stomach and just want to curl up in bed.

I have no idea if they got even half the shots they needed, if I ruined them all. But I do know I will have to go do it again because it is needed to see what has changed and how far down my spine it goes. I can only hope she will let me break it up into sessions, because otherwise I cant do 2.5 hours

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